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Magento Managed Services

Magento managed services comprise a comprehensive set of Magento-related activities that imply a services vendor’s proactive involvement in the performance of your ecommerce solution. Magento managed services offered by Qrapp are aimed at continuously maintaining stability and quality of your ecommerce solution as well as always keeping Magento aligned with your strategic vision.


We use our team-wide knowledge and deep expertise in Magento to cover the following key directions year-round:

Regular support activities

To keep your Magento solution secure, stable, and efficient, we regularly carry out performance monitoring, vulnerability assessment, and security patch updates. In case of a new Magento version release or scheduled change requests from your side, we take responsibility for version upgrade and quick functionality changes. For large ecommerce businesses and omnichannel retail solutions, we also offer user help desk.

Support activities by request

We perform a wide range of additional services, including a security audit and server optimization. Moreover, Qrapp welcomes your needs for Magento configuration changes, quickly addresses any technical issues that you may encounter, and provides troubleshooting (for minor issues) or technical emergency support (in case of major errors). To help your employees master Magento, our team also offers professional training.


In the long-term partnership, Qrapp guarantees constant availability of needed skills, continuously improves your Magento solution and enhances your customer experience using the agile evolution approach. With our diverse competencies – from business analysis to Magento development – we cover all-round Magento evolution.

Strategic planning

After a year or more of successful cooperation, we make strategic planning a part of our evolution services and provide professional assistance in defining growth/optimization opportunities. With the understanding of your business and Magento possibilities, we advise on how to build better customer experience, help to reveal the gaps that impede greater success, and offer focused solutions with competitive advantages.


We’ve developed an elaborate process that helps us to safely take control over your Magento.

Discovery phase

We elicit your needs and discuss expectations of our services, which helps us draft an initial requirements specification. Then we thoroughly analyze your Magento solution by performing code, performance, and UX audits. In case you plan to evolve your Magento infrastructure, we also review your existing workflows.

With all the collected data, we help you map out short-term and long-term goals for solution optimization and evolution.

Negotiation phase

After we have a clear understanding of the state of your business and your ambitions with it, we proceed to agree on key performance indicators (KPI) of our services. All KPIs are high-level and let you easily get a clear vision of the state of affairs and progress being made.

As a rule, we offer the following KPIs:

Support KPIs:
Evolution KPIs:

Once we agree upon the list of KPIs, we prepare and discuss a service-level agreement (SLA) and sign the collaboration contract. You can request to make amendments and changes to the SLA at any time of our cooperation.

Transition phase

When all the core terms of cooperation are documented, Qrapp welcomes knowledge transfer to its team. We set up our processes and integrate them with those of other vendors you work with. Finally, we assume all the responsibility for the performance of your Magento solution.

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