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Magento Migration and Upgrade Services

Migration and upgrade services assist you in moving from earlier Magento releases or alternative ecommerce platforms to the latest Magento version. Qrapp sees this process as an opportunity to re-examine your existing ecommerce solution and improve it to achieve increased conversion and reduced costs of ownership.


Qrapp's Magento team performs fast (~3 months) migration of your existing ecommerce solution to the latest Magento version.

Migration from a competitive ecommerce solution to Magento

By migrating to Magento from a competitive ecommerce solution, you increase the performance of your site, automate workflows, and get rid of the discrepancy between your strategic goals and limiting platform capabilities.

Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2

If you’re currently housing on Magento 1, we can assist you with moving your solution to the latest, improved Magento 2, which offers many paid Magento 1 features for free and provides enhanced quality of code, performance, and user experience.

Discovery and analysis

For migration from a third-party ecommerce solution to Magento: Qrapp searches for and analyzes existing problems with your current solution and outlines how exactly Magento can resolve them.

For migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2: Qrapp performs a full appraisal of your current Magento 1 deployment. We analyze the code and databases, infrastructure and integrations, custom modules and extensions, the theme and business workflows.

Preparation and strategic planning

For migration from a third-party ecommerce solution to Magento: We draft an elaborate plan of the migration process where we prioritize feature implementation and define Magento solution adoption activities.

For migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2: Together with you, we prioritize the implementation of new features, modules and extensions, decide on a Magento 2 theme, as well as plan out integrations and changes to the business workflows.

Unfolding a Magento solution

We deploy a new Magento ecommerce solution with the customizations that we agreed upon with you.


Our team integrates the new Magento solution with the systems in your corporate IT infrastructure (PIMs, CMSs, ERPs, CRMs, etc.).

Data migration

After ceasing the activities in your previous solution, we safely migrate all the data to Magento 2, guaranteeing its integrity.

Testing and QA

Qrapp performs thorough testing of the new Magento solution, the quality of its integration and migrated data.

Production launch

We roll out the new Magento solution without causing any downtime. If necessary, our team provides training for your employees to get the hang of the new solution.

After-launch support

During the next 2-3 months, we fine-tune the migrated solution and fix any possible issues. By your request, further support services can be initiated.


If you want to move to the newest release version within Magento 2 (for instance, update your solution from 2.1 to 2.3), we help you perform a fast upgrade by completing the following steps

Current solution assessment and code audit.

Research of the changes in the targeted Magento version that are backward incompatible (to prevent them from affecting the solution.)

Upgrade execution.

Further support services.

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