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Magento Integration Services

Magento integration services allow to effectively automate back-office processes and enhance customer experience. Qrapp takes this vision even further and creates new sales opportunities by bringing all your sales channels together and designing a cohesive ecommerce ecosystem that optimizes all steps of a customer journey.


Since we see Magento integration as a rich business expansion opportunity, our integration process is very comprehensive. All the activities comprising this process can be grouped into the following 4 stages:

Current workflow investigation

We start by gaining an in-depth understanding of your existing in-house solutions and integration needs. By performing comprehensive audits, we analyze your existing workflows, uncover those in need of automation/optimization, and outline technical requirements of the components that you want to have integrated with Magento.

Project scope definition and data preparation

As a part of the project scope definition, we build a solid understanding of how your data will function in a new ecosystem. For that, we decide how frequently the data should be exchanged between your solutions in the future ecosystem. Prior to integration, we consider and discuss with you the options of cleaning and unifying your business’ historical data.

Integration solution design

After preparing data, we list data sources and map out data flows. Moreover, we define data quality rules that determine whether data should go through validation, deduplication or consolidation before being uploaded to an end solution.

The design stage also includes planning notification alerts of system-level and data-specific issues during the integration. By anticipating potential malfunctions, we are more prepared to quickly address and resolve them.

Implementation and testing

To keep you from unnecessary spending, we strive to use existing commercial integration adds-ons when possible and only create custom API integrations if there is no reliable alternative. After completing integration, we run thorough integration and penetration testing procedures to check the efficiency of the new ecosystem and eliminate all possible security threats.


We provide a wide range of integration options to cater to diverse business needs. Below are examples of possible ecosystem components, which we can integrate with your Magento solution.

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