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Custom Magento Development Services

At Qrapp, we shape a comprehensive offer for companies in need of Magento-related services, embracing consulting, solution implementation and ongoing support. Fueled by our 8-year story in this technology and being open to new ecommerce trends, we can go creative and meet the most challenging and ambitious goals of online retailers with top-class Magento-based solutions. We see that their goals are centered around the core idea of creating high-converting customer experiences. As it can’t be achieved by playing with the default Magento functionality or relying on commercial extensions only, we advise turning to custom Magento development.

Our Magento Customization Scope

We could talk much about how Magento customization power knows no limits and how we are superheroes to bring all that power to your business. But we won’t. For you to have a clear-eyed vision of both Magento customization capabilities and our services, we explain what exactly we can do and how our input can help your conversions. We are competent and resourced for large-scale projects where multiple custom features must be implemented. Still, our experience is valuable in smaller ones too where a single business aspect needs tailoring to your goals.

Custom Magento theme development

A fundamental component in the Magento world, a theme is responsible for the visual output and front-end functionality of your store. With a custom theme, you truly own the website look and feel rather than build on the default capabilities of a purchased theme. Knowing how shoppers are sophisticated in their perception of brands and companies, we can put appealing visual design and seamless digital experience at the forefront.

We start with forging a solid brand vision and eliciting your design expectations to make custom theme development a worthy investment. By doing so, we raise the odds to hit the spot with your website visual and user experience. Our team of business analysts, UI/UX designers and Magento front-end developers will:

Magento PWA development

For your mobile presence, we extend the options of creating native mobile apps and mobile responsive websites with PWA (Progressive Web Applications) development.

We position PWA as a form of a custom Magento theme that inherits the best features of native apps but wins with lower development costs and faster deployment. For your company to support mobile interactions in a new way, we offer to take on the development of a PWA-enabled storefront on top of your Magento application staging from proof-of-concept design to actual deployment and support.

Custom Magento functionality

We can optimize, expand and enrich your Magento application with custom-built features. A clear taste of possible results always beats the theory, so we offer here three examples of how businesses can benefit from our customization services. The customization potential itself is certainly not limited to the described functionality and you can always come with your business ideas – we will consult you on their viability and implement feasible ones competently.

Scenario 1. Winning customers with a custom loyalty campaign

TCompany A is a booming grocery retailer with thousands of active customers, millions of daily visitors and a global reach. To stay on top, the company bets big on marketing and customer communication – they engage customers effectively with promotional coupons, follow-up emails and personalized offerings to name a few of regular marketing initiatives. Planning to launch a loyalty campaign, they want to give shoppers more flexibility and diversity in rewards.

Our solution.

We will elaborate on an idea of a custom loyalty campaign with a partner program integrated. Though there are commercial Magento extensions intended for loyalty building, not a single one is created with the company’s specific needs in mind. With a custom solution, the company can give their customers flexibility in earning and redeeming reward points across the partnering businesses.

Scenario 2. Personalizing customer experience

Company B is a large omnichannel retailer selling beauty products online and in a country-wide chain of offline stores. In order to survive in the overcrowded market, they want to bet on technology, bring vast personalization into play and vary shopping experience based on customer context.

Scenario 3. Offering a custom product builder

Traditionally, Company C has been a chain of furniture stores with a presence in a country’s major cities. As the company sells modular furniture, they are in two minds now about launching online sales. On the one hand, they will increase customer reach. But on the other, they doubt if it’s possible to implement such a build-your-own-product approach online.

Our solution.

The idea calls for adding a custom product configurator to product details pages. By sorting out attributes and designing configuration flows for each product type, we can make each next step of a product builder unfold according to a customer’s choice. For example, when assembling a bookcase, a customer can set the desired number and capacity of storage grids and the system will adjust the item size accordingly.

Custom Magento integrations

There are three fundamental reasons to go for custom Magento integrations with third-party systems: business expansion via new sales channels, effective automation of back-office workflows and drive for improved customer experience. When detailing the whole array of integration possibilities, we get the following landscape:

With hands-on experience in building complex ecommerce ecosystems, our team can both consult you on the ecosystem components and implement the required integrations. For enterprise-level ecommerce businesses, a winning ecosystem is likely to encompass all or most of the aspects described. Working with smaller companies, we focus on the functionality critical for business performance at the moment and support business evolution down the road.

Custom Magento extensions

When you come with a specific business need in mind, we offer to cover it with a targeted Magento extension. We make sure to vary our approach depending on your primary goal.

Custom extensions for use in your company only.

We precisely fit custom functionality into your current ecommerce solution. To that end, we scrutinize your current Magento solution and align it with features to-be to eliminate the possibility of conflicting functionality. We craft every detail of the extension in line with your business specifics to deliver the best-suited result.

Custom extensions for commercial use.

When you’ve come up with a universal reusable idea, we design a solution concept with general ecommerce needs in mind. We can engage user persona research and user journey mapping to unearth hidden pitfalls, refine the feature set and, in general, get crystal clarity on the solution goals. Once we finalize the functional requirements with you, we set to work to bring your extension to the market within an agreed timeline. When working with intermediaries (business consultants or marketing agencies), we are ready to meet short deadlines to deliver the product to an end customer as soon as possible.

How Our Approach to Magento Customization Stands Out

Despite the bright side of custom Magento-based solutions, which are flexible, scalable and can be built in full accordance with your business requirements, you may shun away from deep customization due to seemingly substantial financial and time investments required. At Qrapp, we manage to deliver custom solutions to different budgets via the Research & Development approach.

One Step Away from Your Custom Magento Solution

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