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After 5 years of presence in the software development market and more than 4 years of mobile experience, Qrapp Technology specialists are convinced that Xamarin’s approach to going cross-platform is the most reliable one. Our dedicated Xamarin developers, among other cases, have already implemented ERP-integrated business document and project management apps and now eagerly anticipate new challenges.

The Power of C#

As a C# based tool, Xamarin is replete with respect to native platforms and has a vast scope of functionality, which makes this framework difficult to handle. However, experienced C# engineers with over 10 successfully finished projects, Qrapp Technology’s developers make the most of Xamarin and the efficiency it offers. With the help of Xamarin, our team overcomes any obstacles of cross-platform development and creates applications with 100% native code.

Industries and Possibilites

Providing cross-platform mobile app development services to clients in Healthcare, Banking, Retail, Telecom and other industries, we guarantee that Xamarin is advantageous even for the most complex applications. Qrapp Technology is confident that your business can benefit from an application with native performance, 100% hardware usage and high FPS, since all these qualities enable easy realization and support of:

User Interface

Qrapp specialists know that UI has a great impact on users. Using Xamarin, we offer you two ways to implement the interface in your application:

Xamarin.Forms – what you get as a result is a cozy and intuitive one-size-fits-all design with totally native controls for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android – your cross-platform application will have truly native interfaces, separately developed by our Xamarin experts.

In case you are uncertain about what technology to choose – our architects will carefully examine your idea and offer you the most suitable option for the project.

You May Still Be Asking Youself...
..Why Qrapp Technology?

With more than 60 delivered mobile applications, Qrapp Technology has a thorough knowledge of the mobile development market. Apart from excelling at full-cycle cross-platform mobile application development, our specialists are involved in native mobile development and have already delivered projects that gained public praise and are used by such big corporations. Besides, be it native or cross-platform development, we are ready to pitch in at any stage of the development cycle, including business analysis, back-end development, testing, integration, publishing and maintenance.

..Or why Xamarin?

The way Xamarin harnesses the peculiarities of different platforms is truly revolutional. C#, which is compiled to native code by default, allows developers to create a cross-platform application with absolutely no limitations and easy access to all the platform-specific hardware. More than that, the possibility to tailor a UI to the original look-and-feel of iOS and Android will help to wrap the application’s powerful functionality in a neat design and satisfy even most dedicated platform admirers.

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