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Vendor Portal Development

Our professional team with 5 years of experience in web portals is ready to develop the following kinds of B2B solutions for you:

Unstable business environment

The world never stands still. To stay ahead of the game, businesses should be able to react to changes promptly and wisely. To make innovations work for you, we pay special attention to the application’s flexibility. Our developers create an application with the architecture that provides an option to extend and change the functionality dynamically. Our solutions are open to AI implementation and mobile app integration.

B2B Vendor portal for non-manufactures (e.g. banks, education establishments, government institutions)

Leads to increased healthy competition among the company’s vendors, objective assessment of a current market offer and smarter procurement decisions.

B2B Vendor portal for GPO

Provides a great opportunity for small and mid-sized companies to enjoy the reduced prices and other benefits of group purchasing.

How Do You Know You Need One

The benefits you can expect from your new solution:

Better purchasing conditions - you enjoy better prices, smarter delivery and lower risks with comprehensive information of your broader supplier base.

Enhanced local purchase – local small and medium-sized companies become visible and easier to reach.

Lower cost of purchasing – a B2B portal eliminates slow paperwork and email-based collaboration, bringing all the communication in one place and allowing to reduce inventory costs.

Improved R&D process – B2B portal becomes your new open working environment, that allows newfound process transparency and strengthened connection with your vendors to leverage their valuable experience in the company’s R&D process.

Key Functionality

Consolidated vendor database – get quick insights with all vendor information and interaction history brought in one place and wisely structured.

Powerful search options – easily navigate through huge bodies of data on your suppliers and their products/services.

Order management – track the status of your invoice/order, define repeated/group/scheduled orders.

Research&Analysis – track the market trends and find the best opportunities in a few clicks.

Rating system – make more considered decisions evaluating earlier performance of your vendors.

Cooperation Models
Development from scratch

We organize the complete life cycle of portal development from requirements audit to the release of new solution and its future support and development.

Development based on the requirements specification

We develop a portal adapted to your specific preferences, concepts and requirements.

Deep legacy portal redevelopment

We enhance the performance of your existing solution, ensure its smooth integration with elements and safe data migration.

After the portal is launched, our team will continue maintaining and supporting the B2B portal software to ensure its high relevance in the future.

Challenges We Solve

Troublesome ERP integration – The integration of the portal with ERP system is often long, complicated and painful process. But if you want to get truly automated business processes, reduce a great volume of routine manual actions and track relevant info on the business needs, a deep ERP integration is essential for your B2B Vendor portal, thus we ensure seamless integration with this internal system for you to get the most of the new solution.

Big and slow solution – As vendors differ in size, offering and collaboration model, to avoid unnecessary complexity, we keep what suits exactly for your business. Moreover, we can introduce various vendor account options, e.g. you can provide limited functionality for your minor vendors or integrate with the internal systems of your key suppliers.

Buyer-vendor communication failure – As any communication gap may cause massive loses (imagine a delivery delay notification being lost), we ensure that you’re kept up-to-date and nothing is left unnoticed with automated alerts, notification and live charts.

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