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SharePoint Portal Solutions

Qrapp has been delivering custom SharePoint portals for over 12 years. Today, our offering includes portal solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint On-Premises, SharePoint Online and Office 365. As a Microsoft Gold Collaboration and Content Competency partner, Qrapp strives to create robust, scalable and engaging solutions. Our goal is to support both internal and external users in their everyday activities as well as connect employees working on different devices from various locations and time zones.


Focusing on business goals of our customers, we leverage SharePoint capabilities and tune the platform to fit different organizational contexts. We develop, customize, test and support on-premises, cloud and hybrid SharePoint intranets and extranets that help our customers address a variety of collaboration challenges.

SharePoint internal portal

We create custom SharePoint intranets to enable enterprise-wide collaboration and facilitate internal business processes. We focus on keeping the right balance between SharePoint features that enable working activities and those that foster social life, engage employees and promote corporate values. With this in mind, we provide users with a rich set of tools to help them excel in their work with less effort and time, as well as tailor relevant social features to let your staff feel a part of a dynamic and integrated community.

SharePoint HR porta

We create HR-oriented portals to help businesses to streamline recruiting and onboarding, managing and evaluating employees, handling their requests, monitoring compliance with policies and procedures. Our SharePoint HR portals serve as a one-stop shop for employees as they provide a centralized storage for templates, documents and forms accessible for HR and other teams. To increase employee motivation and encourage competition, our SharePoint HR portal offers gamification features such as badges, leaderboards, and other features.

SharePoint B2B portal

We help organizations establish long-term relationships with their vendors and business partners, enabling secure multilateral collaboration on SharePoint-based B2B portals. Our portals connect internal and external users on a single communication platform and let them collaborate on various types of content, stay tuned into ongoing projects, co-work to get tasks done faster and benefit from co-innovation.

SharePoint customer portal

Well-versed in SharePoint consulting and customer experience management, Qrapp delivers SharePoint-based customer portals for large and medium-sized organizations. Built with SharePoint out-of-the-box and custom features, our customer portals help organizations facilitate and personalize B2C communication, engage customers and win their loyalty, as well as follow customers’ needs and address them with suitable services and products.

SharePoint learning portal

We build specialized SharePoint learning portals to simplify internal and external learning processes. These fine-tuned portals equip users with diversified learning materials and training sessions, learning analytics, competence management capabilities and more. Using learning portals, organizations can not just manage all the learning activities, but also implement personalized training programs, control employees’ development and cultivate the staff’s unique skills and knowledge.

SharePoint community portal

We create fully-functional portals for internal and external communities that unite individuals with common expertise, knowledge domain or sphere of interests. Developing community portals, we prioritize features that support effective content management, power users’ communication and ensure community members’ engagement on a collaboration platform.

SharePoint knowledge management portal

Qrapp develops knowledge management solutions based on our proprietary knowledge management framework to let organizations benefit from their explicit and tacit knowledge. Our portals can serve as the basis of an enterprise-wide knowledge management program or support particular knowledge management initiatives. Relying on SharePoint-based solutions, organizations can enrich their knowledge continuously and apply it successfully in business activities, thus overcoming competitors and improving service and product quality.

We Create Custom SharePoint Portals with a Perfect Industry Match

Qrapp combines industry expertise with an in-depth knowledge of SharePoint to deliver end-to-end industry-specific portals. We’ve built up our competencies in the following domains:


While developing SharePoint portals, our team focuses on critical factors that ensure long-run viability of the solution and its positive user adoption.

User convenience

Our SharePoint developers cooperate with business analysts to create solutions packed with features contributing to users’ productivity and comfortable collaboration. Our goal is to deliver user-friendly, good-looking portals that assist users wherever they need it and are able to offer rich functionality on various devices.

Flawless performance

We do our utmost to ensure stable and error-free portal performance under different loads. To achieve that, we thoroughly test your portal to guarantee that it behaves as intended, in compliance with all functional requirements and business needs.

Solid integration

We ensure proper integration of your SharePoint portal with ERP, CRM and other business solutions. Our specialists can integrate your portal with the most popular enterprise platforms, such as MS Dynamics CRM, MS Dynamics 365, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, OpenText, etc., as well as with any custom enterprise solution.

Secure self-service and collaboration

Your SharePoint portal security is among our highest priorities. We pay a particular attention to authentication mechanisms allowing users to securely work and collaborate on the portal. We implement Microsoft-enabled security controls and data leak prevention features to minimize the risk of security breaches and data losses.


We lead our customers from a SharePoint portal concept to a ready-to-go solution, as well as maintain the vitality of SharePoint portals in the long run. We provide comprehensive SharePoint services to help you address a wide spectrum of SharePoint-related challenges.

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