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SharePoint Knowledge Management

For over 5 years, we have been helping our customers solve their business challenges with IT solutions, speeding up their advance towards applied knowledge management. We develop and implement custom knowledge management solutions and tools based on Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 to unleash the true power of individual, team and enterprise-wide knowledge. Our goal is to show companies how to harness corporate knowledge and make it grow, along with improving employee productivity and business outcomes.


Delivering knowledge management solutions, we rely on theoretical backgrounds laid by KM researchers and practitioners, such as Nonaka, Takeuchi, Davenport, Drucker, etc. Drawing ideas from the knowledge science, we elaborated our proprietary knowledge management framework that covers a variety of knowledge management aspects, including knowledge elicitation, externalization, distribution and maintenance.

At the same time, we advocate practical knowledge management that brings real benefits to an enterprise. We stay loyal to SharePoint and Office 365 as powerful enterprise collaboration platforms to apply theoretical concepts in real business environment. We leverage the platforms’ native capabilities and extend them with custom features to enable effective knowledge management within both on-premises and cloud deployments.


We design, deploy and help to adopt a variety of knowledge management solutions and tools.

SharePoint wiki

We tailor out-of-the-box SharePoint wiki page libraries that enable organizations to collect corporate knowledge, structure it and make it easily searchable and reusable. We adjust a SharePoint wiki to the customer’s needs enabling their employees to create a SharePoint knowledge base or an encyclopedia, to capture innovative ideas and to carry out brainstorming sessions. We set up custom metadata and indexing mechanisms to let users filter and find relevant knowledge items in a few clicks.

SharePoint knowledge management site

We create custom knowledge management sites where employees can not only store their knowledge but also collaborate on it and improve it continuously. To enable that, we fill traditional SharePoint sites with thematic blogs and forums, discussion boards and chats, knowledge libraries and FAQ zones that support effortless knowledge sharing and use. We create SharePoint knowledge management sites for teams to accumulate specific knowledge on projects they work on, as well as deliver public knowledge management sites to ensure free knowledge circulation throughout the company.

SharePoint knowledge management portal

We can develop a fully-functional knowledge management portal in SharePoint or Office 365 with a variety of knowledge management capabilities. We implement fundamental knowledge management features that ensure structured knowledge storing, active sharing and pervasive search. We also develop custom features for employees to be able to contribute to the corporate knowledge, to share their expertise, to participate in learning activities and to extend their competencies and skills, as well as to follow their self-development process and assess their knowledge growth.

Knowledge-centric collaboration tools

We also assist companies that aren’t ready yet for a comprehensive knowledge management solution but want to try out more lightweight knowledge management options. We implement relevant knowledge-oriented collaboration tools that help activate knowledge flows and ensure secure knowledge sharing. Be it a Yammer-based forum integrated into your SharePoint intranet or a SharePoint communication site adapted to knowledge management needs as a part of your Office 365 solution, we tune the most suitable tools to your preferences.


To let you benefit from business-oriented knowledge management, we unite our knowledge management approach with our SharePoint and Office 365 consulting expertise. Our services include deploying and tailoring Office 365 and SharePoint-based knowledge management solution according to the following alternative scenarios:

We come up with a concept of a knowledge management solution considering your business needs and development strategy. We carry out SharePoint or Office 365 system implementation and customization and provide user training to ensure a better platform adoption and users’ quicker dive-in into a new knowledge management environment.

We implement a knowledge management solution as a part of your corporate Office 365 or SharePoint intranet. We put together your current knowledge management initiatives and assist you in creating the knowledge management framework, tailor SharePoint and Office 365 capabilities to meet your knowledge management needs and develop custom features to align the solution with your business processes.

Our services include:


To make your knowledge management solution more efficient, we integrate it with:

Learning management system (LMS) to let you align the learning process with organizational knowledge needs, thus ensuring timely patching of knowledge gaps.

Human resource management (HRM) solutions to help you match employees’ competencies with relevant knowledge items and knowledge assets, create employee-centric knowledge maps and initiate collaborative knowledge exchange.

ERP, CRM and other enterprise systems to extract knowledge assets and locate them in a central knowledge repository, process them, sort out the most valuable ones and use them right away to optimize ongoing business processes.

Poor knowledge use

When organization knowledge is hard to find and use, this results in complicated workflows, inconsistent business processes and employees’ poor performance, as they tend to rely on their individual knowledge only.

Our solution

We tune your content-abundant SharePoint and Office 365 solutions paying our particular attention to metadata and content indexing to ensure quick knowledge search. We inspect your SharePoint wiki and knowledge sites and tune them to your knowledge management needs. We also enable search across employees so that people find knowledge owners fast.

Deficient knowledge sharing

When employees aren’t eager to share their valuable tacit and explicit knowledge, it gets segregated. Usually, there are several groups of knowledge owners who don’t collaborate and keep their unique knowledge to themselves.

Our solution

We deliver knowledge sharing tools allowing employees to disseminate their knowledge easily, without spending much effort and time. Besides, we implement motivation features for employees to feel valued and get rewarded for the knowledge contributions they make.

Loss of valuable knowledge

When an employee with very specific and valuable knowledge leaves the company, this can result in massive knowledge loss.

Our solution

To prevent knowledge loss, we bring relevant features for knowledge externalization and enable smooth knowledge distribution via the push mode. This includes all forms of collaborative knowledge transfer, such as corporate training sessions and courses, Communities of Practice (CoP), workshops, expert forums and blogs.

Knowledge stagnation

When an organization doesn’t control how adequate its knowledge is, the knowledge becomes outdated, which leads to business problems and internal conflicts.

Our solution

We prioritize tools for easy knowledge maintenance to prevent corporate knowledge from lying idle. We enable automated workflows for timely knowledge updates, as well as ensure continuous review of knowledge items based on pre-defined attributes (last retrieval, last modification, popularity, etc.).

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