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SharePoint Contract Management

With 5+ years of experience in SharePoint consulting and development, Qrapp creates effective document management solutions for businesses and provides a wide range of related services such as integration, migration, support, etc. Along with document management, our SharePoint experts are happy to offer powerful and at the same time user-friendly contract management software.

Due to complete automation of contract lifecycle management, our solutions ensure fast and proficient processing of contracts and associated documents, as well as their accurate and secure storing and easy retrieval. You can watch our demo for an example of a contract lifecycle management in SharePoint.


To provide smooth, continuous, and functional contract lifecycle management, we enable:

Template support to draft typical contracts in a few minutes.

Powerful search by a contract name, metadata and full text, as well as search results ranking.

Automated workflows, including multistep non-linear workflows to route contracts to relevant persons for approval.

Automated alerts & notifications to avoid missing contract milestones and support obligation management.

Access control to protect contracts from unauthorized viewing, editing or sharing.

Automatic reporting on all contract-related activities, which supports compliance monitoring.


We use a highly integrable nature of SharePoint to the fullest:


Qrapp provides the following services for SharePoint-based contract management:

Adding contract management functionality to your SharePoint or Office 365 solution. If you already use SharePoint or Office 365 for company-wide, departmental or team collaboration or project management, we can expand their functionality to contract management.

Implementing contract management solutions on a new SharePoint site. We will design a full-fledged contract management system in conformity with your business needs.


We believe that the one-size-fits-all approach won’t work for contract management. So, we always attend to our customers’ needs including those induced by a certain industry. Qrapp's experts will tailor a contract management solution to specific requirements of any industry.

Our contract management software for healthcare will help you to:

With our contract management solutions for retail you can:


Time-consuming contract creation. Our SharePoint-based solutions ensure fast and effective contract generating due to reusing contract templates and certain contract clauses and fields stored in libraries.

Legal wording inconsistency. Our contract management solutions provide boilerplate language throughout all your contracts.

Disjointed contract storage. We provide a central repository for storing and managing contracts, which eliminates the risk of misplacing, losing or duplicating contracts and associated documents.

Poor employee communication. We help to build effective communication between different departments or team members while working on a contract.

Lengthy legal reviewing. We assist in restricting reviews only to relevant terms and making the process much faster.

Slow contract finalization. We help businesses to leverage e-signature capabilities to accelerate contract finalizing.

Lack of contract management after a contract’s signing and filing away. Qrapp solutions enable businesses to keep an eye on a contract until all its obligations are fulfilled, maintaining the integrity of the contract management process.

Security & compliance risks. To ensure regulatory compliance, we deliver SharePoint solutions that protect contracts and associated documents from unauthorized access and make them easy to find, track and report on.

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