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Software Development Outsourcing – on Target, on Budget

Distinguished by its discerning business analysis, conversion-driven UI/UX design, well-honed CI/CD practices, and balanced product evolution, Qrapp offers all-round and self-managed outsourced product development services.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

We take over your SaaS software development and implement either a single-tenant (granting maximum privacy and security) or multi-tenant (offering reduced costs and easy version control) architecture.

Mobile apps (with or without the back end)

We bring to life your ideas of native, cross-platform, and hybrid mobile applications of various complexity, targeting smartphones and/or tablets.

Desktop applications

We commit to software development of all types of desktop applications for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Industry and domain expertise

Having delivered multiple software products throughout 5 years of our presence on the IT market, we have fully grasped the industry standards and the specifics of operational processes in such business directions as:

The delivered projects allowed us to accumulate rich experience in product engineering for diverse domains, including:

Technologies we use

We make product development as easy for you as possible as we build a comprehensive technical vision based on your industry-driven concept and deliver a functional solution that reflects your product idea. Qrapp provides full-fledged outsourced product development and ensures mature processes on all of the following stages:.

By managing agile processes and adhering to DevOps principles, where applicable, Qrapp's team quickly and safely develops products and delivers its new versions. We always keep to the planned schedule without deadline pressure and guarantee short time to market. Apt in risk management, we strive to minimize all possible challenges, but are also capable of addressing such situations as schedule compression or pivotal requirement changes with no negative impact on the product.


Driven by the belief that the premise for a successful project is well-coordinated joint work, we strive to build an individual, mutually convenient collaboration model with each customer. We build amiable, result-oriented collaboration, maintain open communication and create thought partnership with our clients.

Qrapp is a self-managed software development company that lets you have as little involvement in the project administration as you see convenient. At the same time, we always provide a high level of transparency in everything we do. For you to easily keep track of the product development progress being made, Qrapp suggests to collaboratively define KPIs (key performance indicators) and SLOs at the project planning stage. Some of the possible KPIs are:

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