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IT Services for Smart, Connected Products

With extensive experience in big data analytics, cloud computing, mobile development and information security for the Internet of Things, we are fully equipped to develop and customize IoT platforms for smart, connected products to bring together all the components of an IoT system - hardware, software, UI, connectivity.

If you are ready for business-boosting IoT initiatives, we are here to provide you with necessary IT support keeping to a reasonable budget and making your smart, connected products serve the needs of users and advance your business.

Services We Provide

We offer various IT services depending on the maturity of your ideas and the current stage of smart, connected product implementation.

Consulting at the stage of strategy planning

We help clearly define a smart, connected product’s capabilities and help bring it in line with your and your customers’ IT strategies keeping development and implementation costs reasonable and helping to reduce expenses when possible. With careful planning at the beginning, we estimate project risks (technological, financial, project scope risks and more) to help you get the most out of your IoT investments.

Consulting at the stage of architecture planning

We help you design an IoT platform or several platforms that include all necessary IT components (user apps, big data warehouses, machine learning, etc.) to support a smart, connected product or a product family. We have a distinctive approach to the IT architecture for smart, connected products and adjust it to every particular case. A scalable IoT architecture will allow to gradually enrich a product’s capabilities saving our customers from huge investments and minimizing IoT project risks.

Implementing an IoT solution based on high-level requirements

We involve all product stakeholders to discuss your particular business needs, which ensures the required degree of plunging into your business to deliver a business-boosting IoT solution and guarantees meeting your expectations from a smart, connected product. Working on its implementation in iterations, we uncover and offer new IoT-based opportunities with every stage of Agile development. With the T&M price model, you pay only for the performed work, which makes our cooperation flexible and negotiable, with lower risks for you.

Implementing an IoT solution based on detailed requirements

If you already have a software requirement specification for an IoT solution for your future smart, connected product, our engineering team can bring it to reality and test its functionality. We analyze the requirements to define a project’s scope and complexity and provide the delivery schedule to implement your IoT solution in time and within the planned budget.

Types of Products We Focus on

We provide IT consulting services, develop and customize IoT platforms and software components for various types of smart, connected products, each of which has its specifics and needs a corresponding approach.

Industrial products

As industrial IoT is gaining its momentum, we are here to ensure a productive symbiosis of traditional production processes and IoT-based innovations. With smart, connected products, we help industries enhance production monitoring and control (including real-time insights) and uncover new ways to improve production processes.

Complex consumer products

There are numerous options to apply IoT outside the industrial world: for example, smart cars, smart thermostats, smart watering systems and more. We help connect these smart things to a central monitoring system and ensure necessary data analytics options to help you obtain more info about how customers use these products. Also, we deliver user apps that enable convenient monitoring and control over smart, connected products.

Simple consumer products

Having a vast experience across various domains (healthcare, retail, telecoms and more), we are actively expanding it with the IoT expertise. We create IoT platforms and software for healthcare devices (glucose meters), household appliances (smart microwaves) and fitness items (bracelets) to name a few.

Functionality We Offer

We help you build IoT solutions in which smart, connected products unlock important functional benefits and tangible business improvements.

Smart predictive and preventive maintenance

Gathering the info about what’s happening to a smart, connected product opens the opportunity for you and your customers to conduct smart maintenance: assess a smart, connected product’s productivity in a short- and a longer-term perspective, predict breakdowns, adjust smart, connected products’ performance remotely and more.

Control via mobile and web apps

We enable you and your customers (and third-party maintenance teams, if they are involved) to control smart, connected products with mobile and web apps – users get the info about smart, connected products, adjust the performance of their smart, connected products remotely, set up automatic modes of smart, connected products’ behavior and more.

Product usage analytics

Thanks to sensor data analytics, we help you get clear and impartial feedback on the usage of a smart, connected product. It helps to identify the most popular and underused features, discover the need to add new functionality and more. This data can be applied to work out the ideas for further product development.

Usage-based pricing

Sensor data opens a winning option for vendors to offer usage-based pricing. The customers are charged for the real use of smart, connected product’s functions, which adds transparency to vendor-customer cooperation and saves customers from the fear of unjustified expenses. A special application gathers the data about how a smart product is used, calculates all costs and sends bills to the customers.

Challenges We Solve
Complex integration of a smart, connected product into customers' systems

For effective functioning, non-consumer smart, connected products need to be integrated with the overall monitoring and/or automatic control system (for example, SCADA and PLC systems in factories, traffic control systems in smart cities and so on). We establish the necessary level of connection between internal corporate systems and the vendor cloud where the “brain” of a smart, connected product resides, ensuring compliance with security regulations.

Troublesome maintenance of a smart, connected product by independent service providers

We help you plan, tune and overcome possible obstacles in delegating smart product maintenance to one or several independent service providers.

Also, when several independent service organizations are going to deal with different smart, connected products within one enterprise, we help coordinate these organizations’ activities to ensure smooth and effective cooperation in providing maintenance of smart, connected products.

Impractical connection of multiple smart, connected products to one or several platforms

When launching different smart, connected products, you need to decide on whether to connect these products to one IoT platform or resort to several IoT platforms. The first option, although beneficial due to the reuse of software, is a challenging task, but we are ready to adjust the components of an IoT platform (data warehouses, control and user applications, machine learning) to ensure effective cohabitation of your smart, connected products.

Hard-to-handle volumes of data generated by smart, connected products

Multiple sensors equal challenges in big data-related processes as the amount of ingested, stored, processed and analyzed data increases immensely. If you plan to equip your smart, connected product with more sensors, we are ready to design or update your IoT solution and ensure quick and valuable insights from constantly growing data volumes.

Technologies We Use

Providing the full cycle of IT services in the development and implementation of smart, connected products, we focus on the most relevant technologies for each component of your IoT platform and continuously master our technical skills.

Cloud applications

We have a rich portfolio of developing and deploying cloud solutions on AWS, Azure, Salesforce and other cloud computing platforms. We use Amazon S3 for data storing and provide cloud infrastructure design and development, cloud infrastructure administration and maintenance, private and hybrid cloud integration.

IoT data analytics and machine learning

Holding Microsoft Gold Data Analytics competency and being an AWS partner, we provide big data consulting, including industrial big data analytics, customer analytics, business process analytics, fraud prevention and more.

Our selected technologies are Azure, Amazon Redshift, Amazon DynamoDB, Apache Cassandra, Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Storm, Amazon Machine Learning and more.

Mobile user applications

To equip users of smart, connected products with convenient access to product monitoring and control, we offer native (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and cross-platform (Xamarin, React Native, Cordova/PhoneGap) mobile user applications. Our mobile development services include mobile consulting, UI/UX design, development and testing

Service management solutions

With 5 years in Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting and development, our specialists can help enhance your smart, connected product with a reliable service management solution.

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Do you need software development and support for your smart, connected products? Give it to the IT consulting and software development company with 5 years on the market, 4 years in IoT and vast customer geography. We are ready to join you at any stage of your IoT initiative. If you are still in two minds, our specialists can give a free consultation and answer your questions.

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