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IoT Solutions for Smart Cities

With vast experience in IoT, cloud computing, data analytics, information security, mobile development and more, we are ready to help you shape the smart city vision and bring it to reality. Closely collaborating with the city administration and other project stakeholders, we design and implement end-to-end solutions tailored to the needs of a particular city.

Cooperation Models

We provide full range of services to uphold your city with a reliable, efficient and scalable IoT solution. Our team is ready to join you at any stage and provide:

Consulting at the stage of a smart city strategy planning

We bring in knowledge and fresh ideas to create a smart city platform designed to meet the needs of a particular city. Closely cooperating with our clients and defining their particular operational needs, we design a detailed roadmap of the strategy implementation, define a platform’s capabilities and choose the optimal connectivity. We leverage our IoT development experience to bring down implementation costs and reduce risks at all project stages.

Consulting at the stage of smart city application planning

We assist our clients in creating solutions customized to support a particular smart city application. At this stage, we define a solution’s capabilities and come up with the ways to ensure integration with other city services. With iterative approach, we design a core solution and then expand it vertically - adding architecture components - and horizontally - integrating more smart applications. It helps us lower implementation costs and bring risks down to a minimum.

Detailed requirements specification

Our team convenes a project’s stakeholders at the earliest stages to work out clear and comprehensive project specification.

IoT solution implementation based on high-level requirements

Our team closely collaborates with the city administration and other project stakeholders to understand the needs of our clients and ensure cost-effective implementation of smart city solutions, from smart lighting to sophisticated smart utilities. We apply iterative approach, so that our customers get value faster and save investments on large-scale implementation. With T&M price model, our customers pay in parts for the performed work only. It means flexible and negotiable budget and low risks.

IoT solution implementation based on detailed requirements

If you have detailed project requirements, we thoroughly analyze the specification to define project scope and complexity, provide delivery schedule and fixed budget. As soon as the project is approved by our clients, we are ready to bring it to reality and deliver a turnkey smart city solution.

We Deliver Solutions for Smart Cities of Different Sizes

We analyze the needs and specificities of large, mid-sized and small cities to come up with the relevant implementation strategy and deliver IoT solutions applicable to every city regardless of its size.

Smart Applications We Implement
Road traffic

We provide our clients with more than just traffic monitoring solutions. With advanced analytics tools and control applications, our smart traffic systems take intelligent actions based on the careful “study” of traffic flow, bringing human intervention down to a minimum.


Our team develops solutions that facilitate the work of utility providers, allowing them to get precise meter readings over a telecom network. It helps them to bill accurately for the amount of energy and water consumed, reveal consumption patterns and redistribute resources accordingly.


We assist our clients in transforming lighting systems. Deploying sensors across the street lighting system and connecting the sensors to the cloud helps to adapt the “behavior” of the streetlights to the outer conditions. As a result, they switch on and off when needed, consuming less energy and bringing down energy costs.

Waste management

We support our clients in keeping cities clean. With smart waste management solutions, waste containers “tell” when they need to be emptied, releasing truck drivers from emptying half-full containers.


Our team stands on guard of healthier environment. We deliver solutions for monitoring air and water quality. With a dynamic map of air and water quality, city administrations can develop measures to maintain environmental indexes at optimal levels.


For enhancing public safety, we connect CCTV-cameras, microphones and movement sensors to a smart city platform and power it with robust analytics tools. It helps to identify probable crime scenes and successfully track perpetrators

Public transport

We leverage the power of IoT and big data to improve public transport schedules, balance public transport load, improve the routes and work out more convenient smart payment methods, like smart cards and mobile payment.

Create Outstanding Citizen Experience

We believe that smart cities are more than just automated cities. We deliver tailor-made turnkey solutions that make smart city benefits visible for citizens. We offer:

Challenges We Solve
Substantial investments in smart city technologies

With our experience in IoT-based smart city development, we’ve come up with the ways to reduce investments in field components and connectivity without losing functional performance. We unite sensors in sensor nodes, so that they share a common power source and processing unit, and wirelessly connect them to a reliable network, sparing investments in network cables.

Poor integration of IoT smart city solutions into current processes

Implementing IoT-based smart city solutions, we think about available infrastructure and processes. We adapt the existing infrastructure to suit smart city services without rebuilding it..

Lack of benefit for citizens

We apply iterative approach to make benefits visible for citizens sooner. Breaking large-scale projects down to several sub-projects, we ensure more efficient implementation and faster payoff. With citizen portals and service management solutions, we help our customers to create a common space for city residents and timely respond to citizens’ queries.

Technologies We Use

We use a wide range of technologies to uphold your smart city with reliable and mature solutions:

Cloud applications (user and control apps)

We provide integration, maintenance and security on various cloud computing platforms, including Azure, AWS, and Salesforce. We use Amazon S3 for file storing. Our Java and .NET specialists have extensive experience in cloud infrastructure administration, cloud applications design and development, private and hybrid cloud integration, microservice architecture, reactive architecture.

IoT data analytics

To address IoT data challenges, we use a wide range of technologies including Apache Cassandra, DynamoDB, Apache HBase, Hadoop, Apache Kafka, Apache Storm, Apache Spark, MLlib and more.

Mobile user applications

Since user apps are an integral part of a smart city, we offer mobile consulting, UI/UX design, native (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and cross-platform (Cordova/PhoneGap, Xamarin, React Native) development, as well as mobile testing.

Service management solutions

With our extensive experience in Salesforce and Dynamics 365 development, we are fully equipped uphold your smart city with an efficient service management solution. We provide a full set of professional Salesforce and Dynamics 365 services - from consulting to support and maintenance.

Citizen portals

To create exceptional citizen experience, our team designs and implements functional and easy-to-use citizen portals. We have mastered our skills in:

Bring Smartness to Reality

Our professional team is ready to cooperate with you through the entire implementation process, help you design a smart city vision and turn it into a thought-through smart city solution. Are you still in two minds? Contact our experts for a free consultation!

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