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Professional SIEM Services

For more than 5 years, Qrapp, an IBM Silver Business Partner, has been protecting sensitive data of our customers with full-scale security information and event management (SIEM) services.

Our experienced team of certified security specialists has implemented about 150 SIEM projects in different industries, including Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Public Sector, Retail, Telecom, Oil & Gas and more

The benefits of SIEM services:
SIEM Project with Qrapp Stage by Stage

Every SIEM project encompasses five core stages:

To employ the capabilities of a SIEM system to the full, customers may also require two optional SIEM services: fine-tuning and training, which may be implemented as separate projects.

Qrapp's SIEM consultants are familiar with the challenges that customers face at each stage of a SIEM delivery project and know how to address them.

SIEM requirements gathering and processing

After analyzing initial requirements of a customer and network infrastructure of their company, Qrapp's security consultants estimate project efforts and offer an optimal set of requirements depending on the scope and the customer’s security and pricing policy.

SIEM design

Together with creating SIEM system design documentation, Qrapp's security consultants define project acceptance criteria and confirm them with the customer to ensure full requirements coverage.

SIEM fine-tuning

To maximize a SIEM system ability to detect intruders and to save time of an administrator, Qrapp's security consultants analyze the operation of the SIEM system within the customer’s network and tune it to get rid of false positive correlation rules.

SIEM training

Qrapp's SIEM consultants are ready to share their knowledge with the customer’s security team in SIEM system management with a series of practice-oriented training sessions. Understanding the importance of the face-to-face contact between trainers and trainees, Qrapp offers in-house training sessions on the customer’s SIEM deployment.

Depending on the level of the customer’s security staff’s experience in SIEM system management, Qrapp's IBM-certified consultants organize and conduct two tailored SIEM training sessions: Fundamentals and Advanced.

The Fundamentals training module includes the following highlights:

The Advanced training module, targeted at more QRadar-savvy specialists features the following topics:

SIEM fine-tuningn

Qrapp security professionals have earned their reputation for delivering SIEM services that satisfy customers’ needs. SIEM delivery includes the following stages:

SIEM support and maintenance

Qrapp ensures performance capacity of the SIEM system features and elements included in the scope of a SIEM project we’ve implemented in case the way of log source connection changes, new event types are added or the SIEM system is updated.

SIEM-Based APT Protection

Qrapp's SIEM consultants will build up a deeply personalized security environment to ensure SIEM-based Advanced Persistent Threat protection. Our security professionals will fine-tune your SIEM solution to transform it into a handy tool for discovering APT attacks at early stages.

SIEM-Based Specific Services
SIEM-based ATM security

As ATM network attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated, SIEM-based ATM security solutions come into play. Qrapp's information security consultants respond to the growing ATM security threat by conducting an ATM network audit, incident data collection and analysis, security assurance of ATM network design and creating custom correlation rules for the customer’s SIEM system. This comprehensive approach enables security administrators to cover all the ATM threat types.

SIEM-based ATM security
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