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Security Testing Services: We Pinpoint Your IT Security Weaknesses Before Hackers Do

An IT consulting and software development company with 5 years of experience, Qrapp has been working in cybersecurity since 2015. We offer a comprehensive approach to security testing beyond penetration testing to promptly identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure or applications.

Qrapp's security testing team can help you get a deep insight into your IT environment cybersecurity state and provide with specific recommendations to strengthen the protection of your IT infrastructure or its components.

Why Choose QRAPP
Benefits You Get with Regular Security Testing

Qrapp strongly recommends checking the security of your network, applications, and the other parts of your IT infrastructure regularly (monthly, quarterly, or at least annually depending on your particular needs) to get the following benefits:

The Scope of Qrapp's Security Testing Services

Qrapp's security team is ready to deliver end-to-end security testing services, and assess and test the security of:

Vulnerability assessment

The security testing team detects and prioritizes security weaknesses in your IT infrastructure components and provides customers with further recommendations on how to mitigate them. They evaluate the protection level in your IT environment both with automated scanning tools and manually.

Penetration testing

Security testing engineers check the protection of your entire IT infrastructure or applications to find and try to exploit security vulnerabilities, and define the measures to mitigate them.

When conducting penetration testing, the security team ranks the detected vulnerabilities according to the following classifications depending on the object under test:

Taking into account your particular needs and applying both automated (via scanning tools) and manual testing methods, Qrapp's security testing team carries out penetration testing according to one of the three models:

Security code review

Qrapp's security testing team combines manual checks with automated tests to verify your applications’ code security. Qrapp's security engineers strive to identify encryption, buffer overflow, XSS vulnerabilities, and other security weaknesses possibly overlooked in the development phase and provide you with actionable recommendations to close the security gaps in your application code.

Infrastructure security audit

The security team performs an end-to-end check of your IT environment to find security vulnerabilities in:

Compliance testing

Qrapp's security testing experts conduct automated scanning and manual security analysis of your IT environment for you to ensure the compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, and other industry-specific security regulations and standards. We also help you to mitigate compliance gaps, if any, and implement the missing security policies. Finally, we provide you with an attestation letter on the basis of compliance testing results.

Cooperation Models Qrapp Offers

Qrapp offers two options for cooperation:

One-time security testing

To get impartial security evaluation without vendor lock-in. This cooperation approach may be helpful in forming an opinion on the vendor and making a decision regarding further cooperation with them.

Managed security testing

To stay constantly aware of occurring security vulnerabilities. In this case, after gathering the details on your IT infrastructure during the first security testing project, we proceed with conducting needed security testing services on a regular basis. As we are familiar with your IT infrastructure, our further security testing activities will be less time-consuming and require fewer financial investments.

Regardless of the cooperation model you choose, Qrapp provides you with a detailed final report for you IT department as well as information security department and an executive summary for your business team indicating the results of its security team’s activities and recommendations to improve your security level.

Keep Your Security Level High

Qrapp is ready to thoroughly check the protection of your IT environment or its particular components and help you significantly improve your cybersecurity level.

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