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ServiceNow Managed Services

Besides outsourced ServiceNow support, ServiceNow managed services can cover virtually any technical or consulting activity related to the platform. Having 9 years of experience with ServiceNow, Qrapp is a reliable ServiceNow managed service provider ready to take over platform-related support, evolution and consulting to maintain the efficiency and relevance of your ServiceNow solution.

Highlights of Our Competencies

To suit your particular situation and needs, we offer the opportunity to choose your own scope of ServiceNow managed services from the following service components and subcomponents:


At Qrapp, we believe that the key concepts of ServiceNow managed services are:


We offer our customers to choose any set of our service components and subcomponents and bring in additional service elements they need to let them find their ideal service scope.

Value-driven approach

In the Service Level Agreement (SLA), we document the value that our service needs to bring you and define its specific qualitative characteristics in the form of Key Performance Indicators. We then work to meet the objectives set forth in the SLA and submit weekly and/or monthly reports for your review.

Eliminating the need of vendor micro-management

For you to enjoy ServiceNow without having to bother about its technicalities, we work according to the SLA and KPIs and manage our ServiceNow teams using mature project management practices. Thus, you don’t need to micro-manage us, but we still provide a high level of work transparency and controllability.

See us in action!

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