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ServiceNow Migration Services

Want to change your legacy system or numerous single-point tools for ServiceNow? Or looking to upgrade your existing ServiceNow solution to a newer platform release? Qrapp can help you with any type of ServiceNow migration and make sure that the challenges of your previous tool won’t return in your new ServiceNow solution.

Highlights of Our Competencies
ServiceNow Products We Work With

We can either implement ServiceNow products from scratch or enhance their functionality in your existing solution.

What Our Migration Services Include
When migrating from your old solution to ServiceNow:
Why You Should Choose Us

Besides the usual ServiceNow migration activity (moving your data, doing customizations, setting up relevant integrations, etc.), we make sure you don’t face common post-migration challenges:

We prevent your current solution’s problems from reappearing in ServiceNow (in case you change your old tool for ServiceNow).

When customers make ServiceNow feel and act like their old solution, it struggles to bring much value and achieve a high ROI. To avoid that, we investigate the limitations that your current tool and its supporting business processes have and propose ways to eliminate uncovered inefficiencies. Since adjusting to new optimized processes and a new tool at the same time can be tough on your employees, we offer related training and thus ensure high solution and process adoption.

We reduce the costs associated with frequent ServiceNow release migrations (in case you migrate from an older ServiceNow release to a newer one).

Since ServiceNow annually has two new releases filled with innovative functionality, 90% of ServiceNow customers choose to stay on the last two releases and face the need to frequently run release migration, which sometimes can require a lot of time (over 100 days for one complex migration project). To cut release migration costs, our experts reduce the time needed for each release upgrade by applying a structured approach to migration and using ServiceNow Automated Test Framework.

Systems We Can Migrate You From

Due to the diversity of purposes that ServiceNow can serve, you may come from completely different technological backgrounds. Qrapp can migrate you to ServiceNow from any type of system you are using right now, for example:

Our ServiceNow Migration Strategies

Considering your particular situation and needs related to migrating data from your legacy solution to ServiceNow, we can adopt different strategies to carry out this process:

Strategy 1

Load all your old data into ServiceNow.

Strategy 2

Load most of the data into ServiceNow and move the rest of the old data (attachments mostly) into an external data storage for rare on-demand access.

Strategy 3
(for migrating from cloud solutions)

Load only recent data from the last 2-4 months into ServiceNow, leave the rest of the data in your old solution, reduce its subscription to a minimal option suitable for data lookups and integrate the old solution with ServiceNow.

Strategy 4
(for migrating from cloud solutions)

Load only recent data from the last 2-4 months into ServiceNow, leave the rest of the data in the frozen legacy system and then create a live link between the legacy system and ServiceNow to enable data lookups.

Depending on the contract or subscription expiration date of your old solution, we can implement and launch your ServiceNow using any process you deem necessary, for example:

Iterative development + temporary solution concurrence
We implement most of the needed functionality in ServiceNow, launch the new solution but keep the old system running for about 60 days after ServiceNow’s go-live. Your employees can finish all open tickets in the old system and gradually move to ServiceNow. After rolling your new solution out, we support and continuously change it further to make it relevant to your changing business needs.
Note: This strategy slightly decreases the amount of data to be migrated but sometimes causes the need to reopen tickets in ServiceNow if they were created in the old system and not resolved before the old system turnoff.

Iterative development + rapid solution change
We implement as much of the required functionality as the time allows until your old system’s contract or subscription expires. At go-live, you stop using your old system and we move your employees to ServiceNow. Then, we support and evolve your ServiceNow solution further.
Note: This strategy eliminates the need to work in two systems in parallel, but it can be difficult for users to adapt to a rapid change of tools.

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