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ServiceNow Implementation Services

Don’t miss an opportunity to put our 11-year ITSM experience to your use and explore our ServiceNow implementation services that cover everything from implementation consulting to custom ServiceNow app development and user support.

Qrapp will help your company to appreciate the new-found efficiency of business workflows both in IT and across the entire enterprise. And to show you how that will look and feel, we are ready to present you a live demo of your future solution at your earliest convenience.

Highlights of Our Competencies
ServiceNow Products We Work With

We can either implement ServiceNow products from scratch or enhance their functionality in your existing solution.

Our ServiceNow Implementation Process
Pilot project

To help you and your executives see the benefits of ServiceNow in real life and make sure that they are exactly what you need, Qrapp can do a pilot project for you. Such a project can, for example, include three core ITSM processes. And when you’re ready for the major implementation project, we set off to implement the required enhancements compiled according to your requirements. Here’s a sample process:

Data migration

As part of the implementation process, Qrapp imports all the needed data into your new ServiceNow solution. First, we establish what data sources you need to migrate data from. It may be anything from spreadsheets or legacy ITSM tools to external databases, directory services and accounting systems. Then, we validate and reconcile the data, migrate it into your new ServiceNow solution and adapt it to the platform’s data model.

User training

We don’t only deliver the solution but also hold user training sessions for your employees to avoid user mistakes and get their bearings with the new tool faster. We provide user training before production launch to increase user convenience and stimulate better solution adoption without wasting too much time after launch. Besides, while training, users may share their valuable input about the solution’s functionality, which you will still have time to consider and implement before launch.

Production launch

As soon as we finish developing and testing your required ServiceNow functionality, we roll it out into production. Since the overall implementation process can take two forms (all processes delivered at once or parts of the required functionality in iterations), the production launch scope will depend on the implementation approach you choose.

After-launch support

We provide after-launch support (usually, about 2-3 months) to locate and fix all minor malfunctions that can surface after the rollout. And, since user mistakes will be rather common and user knowledge will still be fresh, this service also includes user support to facilitate user adoption.

Evolution and Ongoing Support Services

As time passes, your business needs are bound to change, which is why we also offer evolution and ongoing support services. Besides promptly reacting to your change requests, they encompass:

Challenges We Solve

Apart from minor implementation challenges, such as the need to redo integrations that your legacy system had, there may be a whole network of multi-level interdependent challenges stemming from your choice of ServiceNow implementation strategy.

Given all ServiceNow implementation nuances, Qrapp will guide you through every step of this way and advise you on every possible course of action when there’s a fork in the road.

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