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ServiceNow Development and Customization Services

ServiceNow development and customization services deliver the changes you need in your ServiceNow solution to help you extract the maximum value from using it.

With 5 years of hands-on experience with the ServiceNow platform, Qrapp offers ServiceNow development and customization services to give you the flexibility to automate even more of your employee’s tasks and optimize your business workflows further.

Highlights of Our Competencies

For your ServiceNow solution to get the changes addressing your business challenges and functionality gaps, our full-cycle ServiceNow development services cover:

Business analysis

If you have a specific list of desired changes to be performed, we analyze your business problems and needs, inspect your current solution and review your planned functionality changes. If required, we improve or rework the list to make sure that the changes solve your current problems in the most efficient way. And if you don’t yet have any specific ideas for enhancing your solution, we can suggest improvement ideas as part of the evolution component of our ServiceNow support services.

Quality assurance

With the included QA processes that set off as soon as the project begins, we make sure that your ServiceNow solution delivers a seamless user experience, demonstrates high performance and supports the functionality that fulfils your business needs. Our specialists test your ServiceNow solution in terms of its functionality, integrations, performance, security, usability and data quality.

Change management

Adding changes to an already functioning solution may require proper change management procedures to be performed. We design and review change implementation plans and backup activities for unlikely emergency cases to make sure that system changes don’t cause solution performance problems.

User training

If the implemented system changes require some getting used to from your end users, we are ready to deliver ServiceNow training to ensure high change adoption. We can provide various training formats, including knowledge articles, podcasts, videos and face-to-face sessions with your users.

Production launch and after-launch support

As soon as your changes are designed, developed and tested, we roll them out into production and apply release maintenance in parallel. Our ServiceNow developers can additionally extend our services with solution support for 1-3 months after production launch to discover and fix any minor malfunctions that can come to light after the rollout.


Besides DOM (document object model) and the protected back-end logic that cannot be changed by default, we can configure and customize any system elements in ServiceNow, for instance:

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