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Qrapp began its knowledge accumulation, practical experience in and understanding of mobile AR back in 2016. Today, we offer augmented reality app development services with the use of the high-quality 3D modelling tools as well as the latest and robust mobile AR platforms.

What Our AR Apps Are Capable of:

Environmental understanding

Using the camera lens, our AR apps scan real-life surroundings and perceive them as an image on an XYZ coordinate system. The positioning of 3D models is based on the accurately calculated three-dimensional plane rules of this perceived image, which makes augmentations appear highly realistic and natural.

Image recognition

Along with the understanding of the scene, our AR apps can be trained to recognize specific 2D images and 3D real-life objects and augment them with the relevant text or model data on the device screen.

Motion tracking

Common for all smartphones and tablets, GPS, gyroscope, and accelerometer allow our AR apps dynamically resize and calibrate augmentations on the screen as you and your device move around.

Light estimation

With the help of smart light estimation algorithms, our AR apps can automatically adjust the lighting of the 3D model to naturally match that of the scene in the camera lens.

Our Solutions
Healthcare AR apps

We deliver augmented reality apps that assist both young and experienced healthcare specialists with performing various types of procedures, from simple injections or blood drawing to minor or complex surgeries. Supported by highly accurate AR data, health professionals feel less stressed and more confident in their actions.

Retail AR apps

From clothes and jewelry to furniture and cars, our AR retail apps can help to boost your sales regardless of the type of goods you sell. Introduce virtual fitting rooms and catalogues projecting 3D models of your products on the necessary surface, offer AR-assisted navigation apps for malls and supermarkets, or create an entire virtual store of your own.

Training and education AR apps

Qrapp’s training apps offer interactive simulation of work processes and guide a user through work flow operations (product assembly, medical procedures, product installation, etc.) with navigations and tips. Such AR apps can support on-the-job education in different spheres, including manufacturing, construction, public services, healthcare, and telecoms.

Real estate AR apps

Our real estate AR apps create a believable illusion of comfort that may become a defining point in sealing a deal. By turning an empty and lifeless house or apartment into an individually furnished living space, you can make a more lasting impression on your clients.

Tourism and culture AR apps

Take advantage of AR to bring your sightseeing tours or museum/gallery rounds to the next level. We create AR apps that guide tourists through specified locations, showing directions, historical info, and even useful local ads. They also enhance the impressions of the visitors of your museum or gallery by adding interactive and immersive content to selected showpieces.

Types of AR Apps We Develop

Such apps recognize a specific marker – a pictogram or a code – and then substitute it with pre-set data on the device screen. There can be an infinite number of both codes and assigned augmentations. Marker-based apps work best when augmentations are tied to a specific object, for instance, a human anatomy model for medical education or a particular art piece in a gallery.


To create and position a believable AR model without using any markers, apps use GPS and built-in sensors, as well as complex scene and object recognition algorithms. This type is used when augmentations are supposed to adapt to various locations and, for instance, accurately position a furniture piece in a room, show navigation arrows in a tourist spot or point at the best bargain on a product shelf.


We use only proven tools that help us develop smart AR apps and high-quality 3D models. Among the technologies we use for our AR projects are:


We provide integration of AR apps’ back ends with your internal systems, regardless of the in-house solutions you use: ERP, CRM, PIM, etc. Our integration processes ensure fast 3D model retrieval from data storage, secure communication with your AR metadata storage and other related services, as well as synchronization of necessary user information with your CRM or other business software.

Challenges We Solve

The biggest challenges in any AR app development process are connected with 3D content creation and maintenance as well as scene/object recognition training. We skillfully handle these tasks and provide content-rich and reliable AR solutions.

Content implementation

Whether you want an app that augments reality with 3D models or with overlaying textual data, we offer all-round assistance in implementing your AR app’s content. Our 3D designers create detailed AR models basing on photos, illustrations or even design sketches, while UI/UX designers plan the layout of the augmenting data to make it display conveniently on any mobile device.

Regular content updates and maintenance

It’s only natural for your app’s metadata, 3D model database or pool of images for auto-recognition to require changes and expansion over time. As we always look forward to steady and long-term cooperation, we offer a continuous update of your app’s content and help your app grow along with your business.

Scene and object recognition training

We ensure your app recognizes specific settings and objects in various conditions with equally high precision. However, the learning of our recognition algorithms doesn’t end with the release. While apps are being used, they gather new data that we tap in our update packages to make the apps even smarter.

Let’s Make It Happen

Reach out to us to get your own augmented reality app or consult with our AR development specialists. An existing specific use-case or a high-level idea for a future app – we welcome both and look forward to working with you.

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