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Retail CRM Software

Qrapp is ready to prove that retail CRM software can be more than a collection of disparate customer profiles.

For the last 5 years, we have seen how our enterprise solutions empowered historic retail brands, premium car dealers, multinational FMCG companies and disruptive digital brands that all acknowledge the growing power of consumers.

We have sharpened our vision in delivering CRM, loyalty, ecommerce, trade promotion, private label management, sales analysis and more retail solutions that are now successfully adopted by Walmart, Carrefour, eBay, Nestle and Heinz. Now, we continue to implement these best practices to help more retail businesses stay at the industry’s competitive edge.

Retail CRM Solutions, Beyond Ordinary

We customize Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM for retail to pull together a holistic, easily manageable portfolio of your customer relationships across the channels you employ.

Omni-channel customer engagement

Get your retail CRM system integrated with your ecommerce platform, website, store software, social media and mobile applications to recognize and reward each of your customers personally based on their history of interactions across your channels.

Loyalty program bundle

Opt for integrating a CRM with your loyalty program to make use of rich customer data, or choose to build a loyalty program as a CRM module and thus optimize your IT ecosystem.

Marketing automation

Leverage your sales potential with effective contact management, highly targeted content and personalized email marketing for each of your customers, automatically.

Help desk integration

Make your customer support services more connected at all levels (live chat, email, call center) with instantly retrieved, comprehensive customer details like purchase history or loyalty program membership that can be updated in real time.

Integration with enterprise systems

Connect your retail CRM with the shopping cart, ERP, order fulfillment and other functional systems that have a direct relation to the quality of your customer service.

Actionable analytics and reporting

Make informed decisions using data-rich analytic dashboards that will guide you through your customers’ behavior and responses to your trade promotions per customer segments. Reporting options also include marketing campaigns performance, sales dynamics and opportunities.

Why Qrapp

Our practice of 5 years in retail software development covers the entire cycle of retail management. Browse our portfolio to learn more about our fulfilling cooperation with retail market players.

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