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Patient Engagement IT Solutions
Safeguarding Health via Technical Expertise

Whether healthcare organizations are motivated by higher-margin patients, professional status or Meaningful Use reimbursement incentives – the right solution for every challenge includes patient engagement.

Over 5 years of experience in custom healthcare software development allow Qrapp to use the powerful techniques of establishing long-term patient-caregiver relation for hospitals, clinics and other health systems:

Equation for Effective Patient Engagement

At Qrapp, we have discovered a formula that multiplies three major elements of effective engagement:


Healthcare organizations deepen the bonds with patients through information and software tools, encouraging them to communicate and take charge of their own well-being.


Choosing the suitable tech solution, caregivers might consider implementing either one or both the following solutions:


Customized software has the advantage of bringing additional value to patients. The access to personal health data via integrated EHR/EMR systems gives care consumers a reason to engage with providers on a higher level.


Packing fresh ideas into a sleek UI, we should also remember about user-friendly features. Adding a few gamification elements, such as achievements, badges, challenges and sharing options, into a custom solution helps to increase the population’s health awareness easily.

Closer to Patients: Mobile Applications

Changing the way health professionals and patients interact is not something rebellious. It is a matter of course, and Qrapp's caregiving customers have already been expanding their services, products and platforms into the mobile environment.

When planning breakthrough patient engagement apps, our clients find it difficult to stick to out-of-the-box products. Mobile standards evolve rapidly, and though ready-made apps could provide a carefully designed UI, and a UX with an optimal set of features, you might end up launching an already outdated product. Moreover, an engaging mobile app has to provide motivational elements, which are not usually included in off-the-shelf sets.

Mobile apps ease up your patients’ daily healthcare routine:

Patient engagement apps ensure synchronization with various health tracking tools including wearable technologies, which makes people more excited about managing their well-being:

Physical activity

Blood glucose level

Blood pressure and heart rate



Distant Care: Patient Portals

Healthcare organizations are often tempted to choose ready-made software solutions, which might enable a quicker website launch. However, it often leads to such pitfalls as insufficient functionality, poor UI and hidden costs.

At Qrapp we realize that care providers and health organizations arrange their internal processes differently. We have mastered the custom healthcare web development expertise to deliver useful features supported by transparent pricing and full compliance with HIPAA, ICD-10 and other regulatory standards.

Our customized patient portals offer not only a 24/7 electronic access to health records but also the resources that care consumers need for daily management of their disease:

Patient-facing features:

Backend functionality:

Our Patient Engagement Solutions

Qrapp has provided caregiving organizations worldwide with custom web and mobile applications to both maintain the high quality of population’s life and improve the outcomes. Here are some of our hallmark patient engagement projects:

Patient Health Portal – a web resource to help healthcare consumers consult with experts, contribute to debates and enjoy a variety of recipes, health initiatives and opportunities. The customer's core competencies are the development of health policy, health analysis and advice.

Heart Rate Data Tracking App – a native iOS app that gathers data from the heart rate monitor and offers the user a quantitative assessment of his physical fitness. The assessment is based on a simple 3-4 minute lying-to-standing test plus Valsalva maneuver with deep breathing. Healthcare and military organizations now use it to help patients improve their well-being.

Clinic Map Website – a handy portal to present the information on a variety of available medical organizations. It gives patients the option to contact care providers directly and schedule an appointment, get a consultation or ask for an urgent care.

Your Nutrition Matters – a set of native iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps that offer the essential information about the nutritional qualities of products: calories, protein, carbs, fat, cholesterol, sodium and Glycemic Index. The app can also suggest a suitable diet according to the blood type as well as tell the user whether a specific food is good for his health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need this patient engagement anyways?

Patient engagement is a key feature of the Meaningful Use program, payment reform, HCAHPS, and patient loyalty initiatives. Therefore, by developing the patient-caregiver relation health systems head towards reducing readmissions and improving the healthcare outcomes.

What’s Qrapp's experience in the healthcare industry?

We have several long-term clients in the healthcare market. One of them is Baxter – $15.3 bn pharmaceutical with 85 years of experience, operations in over 110 countries and a focus on various medical solutions in the sphere of Medication Delivery, Bioscience, Transfusion Therapies, Renal and Oncology. We have created customized solutions to cover most of the customer’s business activities including cancer medicine production, inventory control, client information and direct sales. Our team is now involved in the continuous maintenance of Baxter’s software.
We have also developed a complex solution to help 200 healthcare centers and retirement homes process patient and medication information. We have created a Java application for management and reporting as well as an analytical data warehouse to consolidate information from 200 databases. Qrapp is now building reports and OLAP-cubes for advanced analytics.

Will our patients’ data be safe?

Yes, since the healthcare industry operates with highly sensitive data, we give top priority to security in our mobile applications and web portals. In addition to that, we have built our own safe infrastructure in order to stay within strict legal requirements and ISMS policy framework.

Ready for Your Custom Patient Engagement Project?

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