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With 3 years of experience in QA consulting and 5 years in software testing, Qrapp Technology has mastered a full range of QA and testing services to assist our customers with providing truly reliable, stable, secure, and user-friendly software. Our profound understanding of the DevOps culture, CI/CD process, test automation and experience with Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) setup and evolution can help you not only improve QA on a project level but come up with its real transformation.


10 full-time QA professionals experienced in complex projects.

ISTQB certified QA consultants and managers.

Self-managed teams ready to cater to a continuous comprehensive testing process and possible QA issues.

Testing services in compliance with ISO9001:2015, ISO 13485, IEC 62304.

Respect to test artefacts required by IEEE 829-2008.

Work in popular software development methodologies (Waterfall, Agile, DevOps/Continuous Delivery, and more).


Depending on the project complexity, QA and testing outsourcing can save from 20 to 30% of a project budget and from 10 to 15% of time to market. Here are some major reasons to turn to outsourced QA.

A shorter development life cycle and quicker QA improvements

Choosing a reliable outsourcing service provider, you get the best testing practices, test automation tools and frameworks to reduce testing time and efficiently address your project requirements and deadlines. Additionally, with QA outsourcing, you can get to a higher QA maturity level and reach your software quality management goals much quicker and easier.

A fresh approach

An outside perspective and a set of professional practices tend to be several-fold more effective than just relying on your in-house resources. Also, the involvement of an external team psychologically encourages both the developers and the employed QA staff to find and eliminate possible defects.

Predictable costs

Getting a professional team of balanced number and qualifications along with transparent quotes helps to make the QA and testing budget coherent and predictable. If the project scope allows automated testing, the efforts and thus the costs will get another reduction.

Forefront tools

QA outsourcing providers rely on advanced test management, bug tracking, and test automation tools and technologies to make the testing process faster and more efficient. Among the most popular test automation tools in use are Selenium, Appium, Ranorex, Microsoft Coded UI Tests, etc.

An optimal QA team

With outsourced QA and testing, you get the team of a precisely needed number and expertise. A service provider takes off the burden of both looking for a qualified QA professional or a test engineer and educating the existing ones to obtain competence in the project specific testing types or tools.


Qrapp offers full-range QA outsourcing services to meet any specific demand:

Additional services:

Our test automation engineers are experienced with the following tools:


To make the cooperation fully adjustable to your current software testing needs and potential future demands, Qrapp Technology suggests multiple cooperation models:

Product-level QA outsourcing

This model can be regarded as a balanced sourcing model as it best suits when there is a need to close a gap in competences and resources within the existing QA and test team for a certain project.

Multi-product QA outsourcing

This cooperation pattern implies outsourcing QA and testing for multiple and varied projects. You can outsource QA for relevant projects in accordance with your current priorities, available time and financial resources.

Complete QA outsourcing

This model provides the opportunity not to turn to the internal QA and testing resources at all. Qrapp Technology is ready to provide all-embracing services from QA consulting to comprehensive continuous software testing services from the stage of software requirements gathering. Still, the customer preserves full control over the services with the help of detailed and up-to-date documentation and constant communication between the dedicated QA manager and the corresponding person from the customer’s side.

Transformational QA outsourcing

You’ll find this model appropriate if you need assistance in accomplishing the objectives of your quality management strategy. Qrapp Technology’s QA professionals and test engineers can help you to introduce an effective unified QA process, level up the general test automation rate, enhance testing efficiency with regard to your specific set of KPIs, fit testing into a DevOps or CI/CD process, assist with TCoE setup and evolution – thus, take your QA maturity to a new proficient level.


Software QA and testing outsourcing may have a number of risks that Qrapp Technology successfully handles:

The lack of development and testing alignment

Bad alignment may result in unreasonable testing or testing gaps, e.g., after the code has been changed. To maintain the smooth communication between the development and outsourced test teams, Qrapp Technology assigns a QA manager, who ensures the high level of development and testing alignment, regardless of the time zones.

Vendor lock-in

In a long-lasting QA outsourcing cooperation, the lack of standardization in test documentation, execution, and management along with the usage of outdated testing software may result in vendor lock-in. To avoid this side effect, Qrapp Technology keeps the testing documents up-to-date, recreates the missing ones and works only with recognized tools.

Quality problems bound to last-minute changes

Iteration goals and requirements are often subject to change in Agile and DevOps/Continuous Delivery projects. Our QA and test teams experienced with these methodologies are ready to deal with constantly changing requirements and unexpected plan amendments not to let them transform into regression errors.

Limited human QA resources

QA and testing resources may prove to be limited, especially when a project scales up. Qrapp Technology provides sufficient QA and testing resources ready to step in from the earliest development life cycle stages and to scale up or down when needed.

A lot of missed bugs and unclear bug reports

When an unreliable vendor assigns a number of unskilled junior testers to a project, it may result in missed software defects. In Qrapp Technology, all test team members are competent with the relevant technologies and tools. Besides, they upgrade their skills by regular training.
Often, a language barrier may result in unclear bug reports. In Qrapp Technology, English is the conventional communication language, so our test team reports defects in a way convenient for developers to reproduce them

Hidden costs

An unreliable QA service provider may implement hidden ‘cheating’ (e.g., an undue team augmentation, reported activities that were not performed or performed partially). Qrapp Technology’s QA manager keeps the team lean and provides a customer with transparent reporting on the relevant QA and testing efforts and their outcomes.

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