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Microsoft Office 365 Migration

Migration to Office 365 can become a basis for forming an effective digital workplace. With it, businesses get a set of robust productivity, collaboration, project management, data analytics, and other tools as well as general benefits of the cloud like flexibility, mobile access, and online document collaboration.

Qrapp helps organizations smoothly transit to Office 365 from on-premises, cloud or hybrid solutions. Relying on our SharePoint and Office 365 consulting practice, we guide our customers through the entire migration path and ensure that the migrated solution operates appropriately and meets the collaboration expectations of users.


We offer customers to choose from several migration models.


Migrating to Office 365 is an important strategical step for companies that want to rebuild their infrastructure. Migration to Office 365 allows organizations to get a variety of benefits:

Optimized infrastructure. By switching to the cloud, organizations can get rid of heavy server-based environment and rethink the load of their IT departments, thus dedicating more time to such critical issues as user adoption.

Facilitated support and maintenance. With Office 365, companies can minimize the effort they spend on supporting their solutions, thus focusing on their business activities rather than on software issues.

Extended collaboration capabilities. Starting their cloud experience, companies can provide employees with numerous collaboration options, including shared team sites, group-based conversations, chats, video conferencing, and more.

Connected cloud environment. For companies that use other cloud solutions, adopting Office 365 can be the right way to bind together different systems and bring fully fledged collaboration and content management to any cloud application employees work in.


Different business goals and infrastructure specifics require different methods of Office 365 migration. To meet the particular needs of our customers, we have formed our migration service kit to help them before, during and after the migration.

Pre-migration activities

We carry out a thorough analysis of your existing deployment to detect software inconsistencies and flaws and fix them before starting the migration process. We also evaluate the current solution’s overall structure and eliminate unneeded components. We analyze content and user lists and remove outdated items.

Integration with other cloud solutions

Once we’ve migrated your solution to Office 365, we can help you integrate your new Office 365 deployment with other cloud or on-premises applications. Integration allows the users of CRM, ERP, BI, project management and other systems to collaborate in a well-organized and secure way. Integration also lets companies centralize content management and have better control over cross-system business processes.

Post-migration training

We provide training for business users and IT specialists explaining how to manage and use the suite efficiently on various devices. In the training sessions for Office 365 administrators, we show how to ensure the solution’s security, stable performance and high user adoption.

Post-migration support

We are always ready to assist our customers in the post-migration period to ensure the viability of the migrated solution, extend its functionality, as well as provide support to IT specialists and end users. We will come up with a personalized support package adapted to your organization’s needs, your deployment complexity and the number of active users for you to get the most of Office 365.

Cloud license and account management

As a Cloud Service Provider, we officially resell Office 365 licenses with a price advantage and offer consolidated billing for the licenses and our services to our customers. Also, we manage Office 365 licenses and accounts, including such services as configuring account settings, alarms and notifications, adding and removing licenses, changing a subscription plan, and more.


Stalled migration. A company may start cloud migration without preliminary assessing the state of their existing deployment, overestimate the capabilities of their internal IT specialists or underestimate the complexity of the migration process. These are just a few possible gaps that can lead to a stalled Office 365 migration project. If you are trapped by migration challenges, don’t hesitate to turn to Qrapp to complete your migration quickly and successfully.

Disrupted on-premises and cloud environments. Hybrid migration requires excellent knowledge of both on-premises and cloud deployments and particular attention to each migration detail. Hybrid migration mistakes can lead to authentication issues, synchronization difficulties and cumbersome performance of both environments. We will help you avoid any of these pitfalls and ensure users’ trouble-free work in a migrated hybrid solution.

Failed migration of custom solutions. Moving custom on-premises solutions can become a stumbling block of your cloud migration project. In the majority of cases, migrating custom solutions requires additional development effort to tune, reset or redevelop the existing customizations from scratch to align them with the requirements of the cloud environment. Qrapp developers can handle these tasks easily.

Security and compliance issues. For many companies, migration to Office 365 is related to a number of security and compliance concerns. Choosing Qrapp as a migration partner, organizations can be sure that their cloud and hybrid solutions will be set in accordance with Microsoft’s best practices and will be fully compliant with industry standards (ISO 27001, EUMC, HIPAA BAA, FISMA, etc.) and corporate policies.

Office 365 user adoption. Poor user adoption can ruin your migration project even if migration itself was successful. To avoid rejection of a new solution and its poor usage, our Office 365 consultants carry out training sessions for different groups of users and provide hands-on recommendations on how to use Office 365 for collaboration, project management, content management and other processes.

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