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At Qrapp Technology, we believe that only those who achieved practical success have the right to advise. We know that professional mobile app consultants must carry the wealth of hands-on experience in business and industry specifics to provide competent assistance.

Standing by our word, we tap in 4 years of industry-rich expertise in mobile application development to guide and aid businesses in their mobile initiatives. Our mobile consulting includes device compatibility research, MVP and PoC development, features or usability improvement of current mobility solutions as well as an implementation of new app concepts from scratch.

All-Round Assessment and Analysis

If you have an idea on how to improve your existing mobile solution or develop a completely new one, start with getting an expert review. Well-versed in multiple industries, our business analysts and experienced mobile developers will deeply analyze your application concept and assess it from the points of:


Technological complexity

Platform and device compatibility

Market potential and competitiveness

Budget cost

In case you have two or more mobile apps in mind, we can provide additional information on:

Solution Definition

After comparing your requirements with our feasibility studies and research results, we suggest improvements to an existing app or come up with a new mobile solution to address your needs and business challenges. Qrapp Technology’s mobile app consulting specialists are ready to provide:

Development documentation

Database planning

Independent code review

Product architecture blueprints

UI/UX evaluation

Strategy tips for further updates

With our rich expertise in mobile UI/UX design, application development and testing, we are also ready to implement your solution.

Devising a Mobile Strategy

Our mobile consulting services help you decide on your target OS and settle for a specific mobile development platform. We know what native, hybrid and cross-platform development tools are capable of and will suggest the most suitable and effective development option based on your app’s functional requirements and available budget.

Convenience of Use

Your mobile app will be as popular with the audience, as convenient and simple its interface will be. Our mobile consulting team understands what makes a user-friendly mobile app and is ready to share hands-on tips on how to improve your existing UI/UX. If you don’t have them yet, Qrapp Technology is ready to ensure convenience of your future app by creating elaborate UI/UX blueprints from scratch.


When you like how your app’s elaborate concept sounds in words, we are glad to turn it into a feasible prototype. We provide proof-of-concepts to make sure that we see your application the exact same way you do. We adjust every minor detail until you are completely satisfied with the prototype and only then proceed with the app development.

Information Security

Security is one of our priorities for developing both consumer and enterprise mobile applications. We make sure that sensitive user data is safe, as well as any server-based data that is queried by the application. Whether your company sticks to BYOD, POCE or COPE policy, you can be sure that your sensitive data is completely safe.


Integrating a mobile app with a server or any in-house solution is a crucial yet challenging phase of any mobile project. We are well aware of the issues that may occur during backend-, CRM-, ERP-, and ECM-integration processes and know how to handle them. If you want your app up and running as soon as possible, feel free to ask for our professional guidance.

Reach Out for Professional Mobile Consulting

With Qrapp Technology, a problem shared is a problem solved. Our mobile app consulting services will shape your app concept in the best way possible for you to enjoy a successful mobile product. You can also rely on our design, development, testing and support teams to cater to your needs on any stages of your mobile solution implementation.

We analyze and assess the viability of new product, assess devices compatibility of the product and suggest suitable platforms for implementation.

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