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Medical Web Design & Development
Building Trust via Technology

With over 14 years of experience in website and custom healthcare software development, Qrapp helps hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities and other health organizations create websites with multiple benefits:

Responsive design. Your patients are mobile, so should your website be. Step out from the desktop-only realm and make you resource a number one go-to companion regardless of device, browser or platform.

Integration with internal systems. We integrate the website with your EHR/EMR, practice management, scheduling, billing and other systems.

Content management system – to allow easy content updates and edits. We equip your website with a user-friendly content management system so that your non-tech employees won’t need to call a technical specialist every time they need to post a new article.

Backend for a mobile app. Your website may also be the backend for a mobile app to help patients access their health data from devices and benefit from social media integration and push notifications.

High performance. By optimizing your website, we ensure a seamless connection between the backend and frontend. While withstanding heavy data loads, your resource will display content quickly and accurately.

Medical Web Development From A to Z

Our services cover the full cycle of medical website development, including:

From Standard to Personalized Functionality

To ensure personalized and intuitive user experience, we enrich our customers’ medical websites with four key features: content personalization, patient engagement tools, embedded patient portal and web analytics.

Content personalization

Content personalization is a powerful engagement tool. Without it, a clinical resource is more like an online health brochure offering general information. Using content personalization as a patient retention technique, you can reengage the patients who visited the facility some time ago. But to go further and help you attract new patients and accelerate revenue growth, we integrate the following personal approach techniques:

To personalize content efficiently, the website will use patients’ personal information such as:

Patient engagement tools

Patients are naturally quite passive, so it takes a lot of efforts and persistence to help them get fully involved in their well-being activities. Through an engaging website, you can offer accurate medical information in a user-friendly and caring form thanks to:

Embedded patient portal

Patients want to track their health data, treatment progress and billing information. So we develop these key features and make sure they are fully compliant with HIPAA, HITECH, ISO 13485, and other regulations. Our portals provide secure access to:

Web analytics

When filling the website with interactive and SEO content, we suggest going beyond the general analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, and gather the following metrics:

Let’s Discuss Your New Medical Website

We believe in the power of a personal meeting, so we encourage you to push the button and let us know about your ideas. Our medical software representatives will be there to discuss the project with you.

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