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Malfunctions, failures, stops and irrelevance of critical business apps can result in significant money losses, alienate users, undermine clients’ trust and cause complete disarray in business processes and data.

For 5 years, Qrapp has been delivering software solutions and services that allow its customers to develop and run available, high-performing and business-relevant applications and keep their workflows smooth and efficient. With the expertise gained, we’re ready to take responsibility for comprehensive, tailored and efficient management of your apps.

Why Qrapp?

Experience in complex heterogeneous IT environments.

Established practices of problem solving.

Strategic Partners & Clients with Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Oracle, Magento, Pimcore, Salesforce, ServiceNow and more tech leaders.

An international help desk.

Attention to the specific needs and goals of businesses.

Flexible cooperation.

Applications We Focus On

Qrapp has a record of successful management and upgrade of multiple enterprise-level solutions.

Industry expertise:

Business process expertise:

Explore Qrapp’s Managed Application Services

Qrapp’s offering comprises a comprehensive portfolio of services around application monitoring, problem tackling, system availability and reliability management, continuous app refinement and help desk provision. All services can be mixed and matched according to the specific needs of the business.

Application monitoring and performance management

Retaining responsibility for app performance management, Qrapp’s team executes a wide range of monitoring activities to keep an eye on all critical metrics, such as response time, transaction completion, message queue exceeds and detect and resolve potential dangers before they cause any serious process disruption or damage UX.

Application troubleshooting

Qrapp maintains appropriate application work by addressing problems of any application misbehaviors, component unavailability, slow request handling, abundant memory consumption, data inaccuracy and inconsistency and more.

Application enhancement

Qrapp’s team ensures orderly and timely management of minor and major application changes, updates and roll-outs of new versions.

Application optimization

Qrapp can help to keep the apps relevant to the changing business context, increase their ROI and optimize TCO. We carry out the business process review to identify existing pain points and modify applications (introduce automation, migrate to new techs and platforms, restructure or modularize solution) to accelerate weak and inefficient flows and simplify maintenance.

Change management and training services

To manage app modifications successfully, our team pays due attention to all core steps of the change process. We analyze the reasons for a change, ensure comprehensive testing coverage, estimate risks, make up a safe release plan, and conduct the post-change review.

Also, Qrapp sees to the smooth adoption of new app components and upgraded/extended versions of already existing ones to your IT environment. We complete delivery with tailored training (in the form of step-by-step guides, onsite workshops, webinars, etc.) for different users and departments so that they can leverage the updates to the fullest.

Application security

Qrapp’s security experts implement monitoring and testing activities to prevent any breaches to your data due to application vulnerabilities.

Help Desk capabilities

Our managed application services can be additionally reinforced with help desk support. A multi-lingual help desk available on the 24x7x365 basis becomes a single point of entry, which improves the experience of app users with prompt responses and constantly updated knowledge base. It also optimizes the work of support teams of higher levels with right prioritization and helps a business to be in more control of their apps with comprehensive reports on resolved tickets.

How We Get Started

The established transition plan helps us to ensure a smooth adoption of responsibility. We always start cooperation implementing 4 important steps:

Software quality assessment

Every project starts with comprehensive quality assessment (implemented by us, the customer or a third-party vendor) of the applications we’re to serve. By that we estimate the actual state of the applications, to focus more on their pain points, plan more effective and relevant service scope and decide on best KPIs to further track improvements in application operations.

Knowledge transfer

We take time to thoroughly understand your application. Qrapp’s team investigates existing technical and functional app specifications and code documentation, mines business rules directly from software code and communicates with your employees.

Service planning and SLA preparation

We discuss in detail the service scope in accordance your needs. To keep the process clear and avoid any disruptions/blind spots in it, together, we allocate responsibilities, establish benchmarks against which performance will be measured, choose appropriate communication tools, define reporting timetable, and decide on the data security level.

Responsibility transfer

We take over the agreed scope of responsibility and start to carry out the planned services

Transparent Pricing

You start with an agreed monthly subscription fee for our managed application services. All major enhancements will be discussed and estimated individually.

Let Us Take Care of Your Apps

Get the best of your applications with professional help of Qrapp’s team.

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