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Managed testing services allow organizations to hand over the testing function to a competent vendor and pay for defined outcomes. An end-to-end managed testing services provider, Qrapp Technology helps organizations deliver software with minimized quality risks in frequent iterations. Our domain-experienced QA experts ensure quality at speed by establishing mature QA processes that seamlessly align with the development process.

WHY Qrapp Technology?

5 years of experience in software testing and 3 years in QA outsourcing.

ISO 13485-certified company.

Testing processes in compliance with ISO 9001:2015.

Respect to test artefacts required by IEEE 829-2008.

ISTQB certification of test engineers.

Test engineers experienced in both software testing and a particular industry and technology domain.


Qrapp provides end-to-end managed testing services, delivering the service in the following stages:

Stage 1. Discovery

Qrapp’s QA consultant audits your existing development and QA processes and available IT infrastructure, analyzes project documentation and interviews key stakeholders to understand the testing scope and specifics and identify QA-related problems and risks. Based on the obtained information, the QA consultant prepares a detailed collaboration roadmap.

Stage 2. Transition

The QA consultant passes over the knowledge obtained at the Discovery stage to Qrapp Technology’s test team, designs a testing strategy, identifies QA process improvements, and creates a plan for QA process improvements roll out. The test team sets up required tools and takes on the responsibility for the test process management and the quality of software under test.

tage 3. Service delivery

The test team starts principal project activities comprising test planning, test design, test execution and test reporting.

Test planning

We design a consistent test strategy with regard to potential project risks and constrains, assign resources with relevant industry and technology domain specialization, choose an optimal approach to test environment configuration and more.

Test design

With an end-user in mind, we design reusable, modular test cases with standardized naming and structure and prepare representative test data with regard to data privacy and security regulations.

If automated testing is in scope, we model flexible test automation architectures that stay relevant in the long term and do not require much redesigning with changing project requirements.

Test execution

The scope of software testing we execute includes but is not limited to the following testing types:

Test reporting

We provide detailed reports on the executed tests on a build, daily or weekly basis or any other appropriate schedule.

Stage 4. Service evolution

Once the set activities function well, we start to continuously review and improve the established QA processes by:

Additional services

Along with the managed testing services as such, we can provide the following additional services:

TCoE setup, assessing your organization’s readiness for a TCoE and creating a TCoE transformation roadmap.

Business process validation, checking whether your software supports your business processes on a project, periodic or continuous basis.

Pre-certification aid, verifying your application’s compliance with relevant general (for instance, GDPR) and industry-specific (e.g., HIPAA in medical and pharmaceutical industries, PCI DSS in financial services and banking) regulations and standards.


High-quality software

We minimize software quality risks due to:

Mature testing processes.

Test engineers with deep technological know-how and sector-specific expertise.

Complete coverage of software quality aspects, including performance, security, reliability, and others.

On-time releases

We tailor testing processes to the pace of your project whether it follows any of the Agile or the Waterfall methodology and set up testing processes for projects with CI/CD pipelines. We further improve testing velocity due to:

Reduced time for knowledge transfer owing to test engineers’ interdisciplinary expertise and consistent test document management.

A mature approach to testing process management with minimized bottlenecks.

A shift-left approach, with testing activities starting at the early stages of the software delivery life cycle.

Optimized testing costs

We help you optimize testing costs due to:

Flexibility in allocating domain-trained resources within previously agreed limits in case of fluctuating project load.

Prioritization of testing activities with regard to the probability and aftermath of defects.

Unification of test automation tools throughout products for reduced licensing and maintenance costs and accumulation of reusable test actions due to high-level interaction libraries.


We can manage the testing process and execute tests for all of the organization’s applications.

We can manage the testing process and execute tests for some of the organization’s applications.

Our test team independently managed by Qrapp Technology’s QA manager can split responsibility for the quality of software under test and cooperate with another testing vendor.

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