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Machine Learning Consulting: 3 Decades of Experience at Your Service

With even one symptom diagnosed, consider machine learning consulting by Qrapp as your efficient treatment. We know how to put an end to flawed predictions, impaired processes, or customer churn.

Get Maximum Gains from Machine Learning

Let our consultants make your machine learning use case a success:


Don’t fall in the trap of equating in-house data analytics talent to machine learning capabilities. In reality, it can take you 2-3 years to grow from the former to the latter. By choosing this long path, you give a head start to your competitors who involve professional consultants, as they would need just a couple of months to get machine learning on board and start reaping benefits from it.

Consider the options of developing an in-house team vs. opting for an external consultancy as years vs. months of effort and missed opportunities vs. gained competitive advantage. Turn to Qrapp's consultants to get powerful machine learning capabilities before your competitors do.

With Qrapp, you get extra insights in your domain

We have domain knowledge in your industry, our focal ones being manufacturing, retail and wholesale, professional services, healthcare, financial services, and telecommunications.

You also benefit from Qrapp's experience in multiple analytics domains, such as:

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