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Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

Our team is ready to leverage our best practices gathered throughout the years of operating across various industries, including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Telecom, Banking, and Retail to deliver top-notch IoT solutions and facilitate your digital transformation.

IoT Solutions We Deliver
Smart cities, smart utilities

With wide experience across multiple domains, we equip power plants, transportation systems, environment management organizations, water and electricity grids, schools, libraries, hospitals, and shopping malls, entertainment facilities and other amenities with specialized smart solutions to deliver visible improvements, such as:

Smart supply chain management

We provide our customers with more than just logistics & transportation automation. With effective planning, optimal use of intelligent transportation channels, faster and better controlled flow of goods, smart delivery and warehousing conditions control (temperature, humidity, vibration and other factors critical for cargo), manufacturers, trucking companies and other business players get profitable results in terms of time and quality.

Our IoT solutions ensure better connectivity between manufacturers and retailers and drive cost-effectiveness and transparency through optimized supply chain processes, warehousing and traffic management.

Connected health

We deliver innovative IoT solutions to digitally connect patients to healthcare providers and lessen the burden of the latter by digitizing the approach to giving healthcare services.

Here are just a couple of examples of how we streamline traditional healthcare with IoT:

Our Approach to IoT Architecture

Designing IoT solutions, we use our IoT architecture concept and adjust it to the demands of a particular business case.

Consistency: we give enough attention to every element of the IoT architecture and make them work together.

We Meet Acute IoT Challenges

We perfectly understand our customers’ concerns about IoT and gather best practices to address IoT challenges before they have an effect on our customers’ bottom lines.

Integration into the existing processes and systems can be painful for IoT adoption

New IoT solutions, even promising and effectively adopted by business players in your industry, can throw your business out of gear if you don’t know how to use them properly or they just don’t fit your specific business needs.

We integrate your new IoT apps and corporate IT solutions (ERP, MES, WMS, delivery management systems and more) to make everything run on all cylinders for the main purpose - make your business flourish.

Internet of Things has specific security threats

Huge volumes of data generated by smart, connected things (as well as output data) need to be securely transmitted and stored. An additional challenge is that IoT security needs a new approach, different from traditional IT security.

We leverage our 5 years’ experience in cybersecurity and implement our best practices to help our customers identify real and potential security vulnerabilities and address security threats as early as possible.


We cover a wide range of technologies to deliver reliable and profitable IoT solutions.

Cloud applications (user and control apps)

We provide integration, maintenance and security on various cloud computing platforms, including Azure, AWS, and GCP. We use Amazon S3 for file storing. Our Java and .NET teams have extensive experience in:

IoT data analytics

Data analytics is an indispensable component of an IoT solution to ensure meaningful insights from historical and real-time data. We are constantly gleaning our experience in data management, data integration, data visualization and more:

Our team uses such technologies as Apache Cassandra, DynamoDB, Apache HBase, Hadoop, Apache Kafka, Apache Storm, Apache Spark, MLlib and more. We keep up with data science tendencies, and we are ready to address your IoT data challenges.

Mobile user applications

Keeping in mind that mobile apps are an important part of the IoT ecosystem, we offer mobile consulting, UI/UX design, native and cross-platform development, mobile testing and integration with your corporate solutions.

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Adopting IoT solutions on the way to digital transformation is not simple, but we make it possible. Whenever you plan to implement or update an IoT solution, our consultants and developers are ready to assist.

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