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IoT Application Development

With 5 years of experience in IT and 4 years in IoT, we offer full-cycle IoT application development and cover all components of an IoT architecture. We will handle the development of your IoT-capable software starting from requirements engineering all the way to support and evolution.

Why Qrapp?
IoT Application Development from A to Z

We develop IoT applications for software product companies including those engaged with the development of SaaS applications and smart products, as well as design, develop and implement IoT-capable enterprise applications.

Needs analysis and requirements gathering

If you have detailed requirements to an IoT application’s functionality, we will closely analyze the requirements specification, define the project scope and complexity, and provide a delivery schedule.

In case you have a vision of an IoT application and want to turn your idea into a ready-to-use IoT solution, we carry out a feasibility study and analyze legal, regulatory and other requirements to create a well-defined IoT application specification.

IoT application development

We can implement an IoT application at once according to a Waterfall methodology. Alternatively, we can turn to Agile launching a minimum viable product or a first application version with a lean set of high-priority features within 3-6 months and releasing new features every 2-4 weeks.

UI design for web and mobile apps

Our UI/UX designers wrap robust application functionality into a user-friendly and appealing interface to provide IoT application users with a convenient way to access IoT insights.


For software product companies, we design, model, and implement APIs to allow you reliably integrate IoT functionality into your software product.

For enterprises, our engineering team makes sure that the developed IoT application seamlessly integrates with relevant external systems, such as ERP, MES, OMS, and others.

Quality assurance

We place a premium on applications’ quality from the very start of the project and focus on prevention and early detection of defects.

At the application design stage, we conduct comprehensive verification of requirements and application architecture.

At the development stage, we ensure quality with a well-structured and well-documented code, and perform regular code reviews and unit testing.

At the testing stage, we resort to risk-based testing and pay special attention to critical application functionality, perform exploratory testing to detect non-obvious application defects, as well as employ a relevant degree of automation to increase test coverage and eliminate regression errors.

Security testing

With 5 years in cyber security, we incorporate security as early as at the application design phase and conduct vulnerability assessment and penetration testing for all major releases.

User training

For enterprise clients, we provide comprehensive training including step-by-step guides, onsite training, and workshops before an application or an application build goes live in an enterprise to help your employees get used to the new processes and ensure high user adoption.

IoT application launch

For enterprises, we release an IoT application or its version into the existing enterprise IT environment.

After-launch support and application evolution

We will carry out IoT application monitoring and performance management, proactively diagnose and fix application defects, and perform daily administration tasks including security updates, user and access management to make sure your IoT-capable product or enterprise IoT application runs without a hitch and stays up-to-date with your business needs.

Knowledge transfer

We are ready to deliver a comprehensive knowledge transfer plan and share our expertise with your IT team to enable you manage and further develop an IoT application with in-house resources.

We Cover All Components of IoT Architecture

Entrusting the development of your IoT application to Qrapp, you won’t have to turn to yet another vendor – we have experience in working with all components of an IoT application architecture.

We use modular, inheritably scalable IoT architecture that provides for fast vertical and horizontal scale-up and allows adding new functional modules and expanding the existing functionality to new device models with reasonable effort.

Embedded software for end-point IoT devices

Our embedded software engineers have extensive experience in creating software integrated with endpoint IoT devices. The embedded software we create efficiently handles streams of sensor data and works correctly in various environments.

Embedded software for IoT gateways

Our engineers create lightweight yet robust embedded software adapted to the limited computing resources of IoT gateways.

Streaming data processors

We use proven frameworks, such as Apache Spark, Apache Storm, Amazon Kinesis Streams, and others to power your IoT solution with an event stream processing engine to carry out real-time data analytics.

Data lake and a big data warehouse

Our 5 years’ experience in big data enables us to design, implement, and maintain reliable and scalable data lakes and big data warehouses for well-tuned IoT data management. At the data lake and a big data warehouse design stage, we consider the requirements to the IoT application functionality and performance to choose those technologies and their configurations that allow achieving optimal storage and computing capabilities without incurring excessive costs.

Data analytics applications

We leverage our 5 years’ experience in data analytics to develop IoT data into actionable insights, visualized in a clear and well-structured manner.

Machine learning

Our data science engineers have vast experience in implementing smoothly functioning and well performing machine learning-driven applications and are ready to share their expertise to extend the functional scope of your IoT solution to predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Control applications

Our software engineers design and implement control applications capable of automatically executing code to trigger alerts and smart devices’ actions.

User applications

With 5 years in software development and 4 years in mobile application development, our software engineers create easy-to-use, high-performing web and mobile apps, which enable IoT application users conveniently access the results of the analysis and provide for handy remote management of smart products and systems.

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