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IoT (Internet of Things) Consulting for Digital Transformation

At Qrapp, we see IoT as a powerful tool driving digital transformation and it is not a mere assumption. For 5 years, we have been delivering full-cycle IoT services to help businesses catch the wave of digital transformation.

We have reinforced our offering with a wide array of IoT consulting services. Our consultants are ready to share their knowledge and hands-on expertise to help you create the right IoT strategy for your digital transformation initiative or find the best-fit approach to evolving an existing IoT solution.

We Aid You at Any Stage of Your IoT Initiative

Whether you just embark on your IoT journey or are already making your way through it, our IoT consultants will help you make the best of new technological opportunities and set them in tune with your business strategy.


At the planning stage, our IoT consulting team will help you in the following ways:

Demonstrating the transformation potential of IoT to business management

We will analyze the peculiarities of your business to develop plausible IoT use cases, outline the benefits they can drive in your business environment, as well as forecast potential long-term savings.

Planning an IoT solution in line with desired business objectives

Our IoT consultants will study the peculiarities of your business, the specific challenges you want to address and the benefits you intend to gain with IoT to determine the functionality and capabilities your future IoT solution should deliver.

Developing an IoT solution roadmap

Our IoT consulting experts will break the desired deliverables into specific tasks to create a structured visual representation of when and how an IoT solution will be implemented.

Designing an IoT architecture

Depending on the requirements to the functionality of a future IoT solution, we will design a flexible and scalable IoT architecture tailored to support your specific business objectives.

Choosing an appropriate technology stack

We will help you choose the technology stack required to address your business needs efficiently and cost-effectively, as well as select reliable technology vendors.

Developing an IoT security strategy

Our experts will leverage their best practices gained with over 5 years in information security to prevent data misuse at every level of an IoT ecosystem: device security, data security, operational technology security, and more. We will make sure your data collection and use are consistent with relevant standards and regulations (e.g., HIPAA in healthcare, ISA99/IEC 62443 in manufacturing, etc.).

Implementing PoC (Proof of Concept)

We will assist you in validating the effectiveness of the solution’s architecture design and the competences of selected vendors. Implementing PoC will allow testing the solution before rolling it across your entire business environment.

Preparing detailed IoT solution requirements

Our IoT consulting team will interview project stakeholders and potential users about their demands and desired use cases, carry out feasibility studies and analyze existing service descriptions, as well as consider legal, regulatory, environmental and other requirements to create a complete and valid description of an IoT solution.


At the implementation stage, we render the following consulting services:

Tweak IoT project management

With consistent and efficient reporting on project status, resource workload, and expense tracking, we allow you to have the benefits of sound coordination of resources, clear formulation of goals, persistent process coordination, and end-to-end process transparency.

Facilitating collaboration between business project stakeholders and an implementation team

We propose ways to coordinate multiple stakeholders and engineering teams to ensure fruitful internal (senior management, operations, IT and security managers, R&D, support, legal departments, etc.) and external (hardware and software vendors, connectivity providers, etc.) collaboration.

Helping with missing IoT-specific technical knowledge and skills

Our IoT consultants and engineers are ready to join your team at any stage of an IoT solution’s planning and implementation to provide help in the areas where expertise may be missing: big data, IT security, artificial intelligence, etc.

Taking on any part of implementation

Our skilled IoT engineers are ready to take on any part of implementation: from enabling the communication between smart things and the cloud software to integrating IoT solutions with other enterprise systems.

Operations and maintenance

At the operations and maintenance stage, we are ready to:

Solve problems with an existing IoT solution: the lack of benefits, questionable ROI, a long development process, high operational and maintenance costs, functional and security issues, and other.

Plot an IoT solution’s evolution: improving a solution’s architecture, enhancing its functional capabilities, integrating new use cases, and more.

We Advice on a Wide Range of IoT Solutions

We are ready to bring in our knowledge, experience and novel ideas to aid you in planning, designing, implementing and evolving the following IoT solutions:

Smart, connected products

Our team helps product manufacturers to get a better understanding of the customers’ needs, optimize product functioning and use, and create new revenue models. We help define smart, connected products’ capabilities and set them in tune with your and your customers’ IT strategy.

Industrial IoT

We help manufacturers to catch the wave of digital transformation and optimize equipment utilization, reveal bottlenecks in the manufacturing process, reduce downtime, timely detect potential equipment failures, improve production quality, and increase employees’ safety. To achieve that, we closely cooperate with project stakeholders, analyze their business objectives, determine IIoT system’s capabilities, create a detailed solution roadmap and bring it in line with an enterprise’s IT and business strategy.

Smart maintenance

We help businesses drive improvements in predictive maintenance and service productivity. Our IoT consultants analyze the specifics of your business and study the objects to be maintained to reveal operational parameters signaling about potential failures, design a solution architecture, choose an appropriate technology stack, etc.

Connected health

Our Internet of Things consultants help define the capabilities of your future IoMT solution, advise on integrating it into your healthcare practice and setting it in sync with your business and IT strategies. We help you design robust and secure IoT solutions to connect patients to healthcare providers, digitize the approach to rendering healthcare services and optimize hospital management.

Smart supply chain management

We carry out a thorough assessment of your supply chain, analyze your business priorities, and provide consulting on how to bring an IoT solution in line with them. We help to implement and operationalize it for achieving higher transparency and driving effectiveness throughout supply chain processes.

Smart cities, smart utilities

Our IoT consultants help municipalities, policymakers and other stakeholders by developing smart city use cases, creating a smart city vision and a roadmap, selecting technology vendors, launching PoC, creating servicing strategy, etc. With our vast knowledge and hands-on experience, we will help you plan, design and implement smart city solutions capable of enhancing urban infrastructure, optimizing energy management, reducing environmental pollution, and establishing more efficient communication between residents and urban facilities

We Know How to Solve Critical Challenges

We leverage our domain knowledge and hands-on experience to proactively address the most critical IoT planning challenges, including:

Difficulty in aligning business processes with an IoT solution

We help enterprises to understand how IoT is going to fit in with the organization, how it will affect a company’s IT and business strategy and change the way the organization and its employees work, as well as aid in taking up the most effective change management strategy to ensure successful IoT adoption.

Risky roadmapping due to evolving technology markets and business models

Your business model is not static, neither is the technology market. To make sure your IoT solution rapidly adapts to these changes, we resort to iterative planning. Iterative planning helps us ensure tangible payback with every implementation step and stay up-to-date with the technological market.

Difficulty in keeping an IoT project on track

It is difficult to keep an IoT solution well-structured and avoid project scope escalation. To balance ROI and ensure adherence to the implementation schedule, at the stage of strategy planning, we determine business priorities, specify milestones, and put them on a project timeline. Working on the project with Agile methodology allows us to stick to the defined milestones and avoid unplanned scope creep.

Time to Start with IoT

With an in-depth understanding of IoT and related technologies, our team is ready to bring your digital transformation initiative to life. Eager to streamline your operations with one of the most promising technologies on the market? Contact us for a consultation!

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