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Internet of Things (IoT) Services

An IoT vendor with 4 years of experience, Qrapp provides full-range IoT services comprising consulting, development and implementation, analytics, support and evolution.

Whether you plan to launch an IoT initiative, upscale an existing IoT application or integrate your IoT solution with a legacy system – we will work out a reliable and cost-effective way to address your business challenge.


Our IoT team caters for businesses at different IoT adoption stages and provides:


Regardless of the stage of your IoT initiative maturity, our team will help you uncover IoT potential and tailor a solution that addresses your business objectives in the most efficient way.

Our IoT consultants will assist you in:

Besides, our IoT consultants are ready to back you up at any stage of an IoT solution implementation and:

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Full-cycle IoT development

We accompany you throughout the digital transformation journey and lead your IoT initiative from ‘How?” to “Wow!”. We take your vision, add our domain knowledge and season it with novel ideas to work out an ideal recipe for attaining your digital transformation objectives.

Whether you develop an IoT solution from scratch or reengineer the existing solution to adapt it to your new business objectives – our team will make sure to deliver an IoT solution that will improve operational efficiency, accelerate intelligent decision-making and drive your business success.

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IoT solution implementation

If you have an idea of an IoT solution, we will collaborate with project stakeholders to understand the specific business objectives you intend to achieve, create a detailed requirements specification, and deliver the IoT solution tailored to meet the set objectives.

Alternatively, if you have a detailed requirements specification, our engineering team will make it real. We analyze your specification to define a project’s scope and complexity, provide a project delivery schedule and budget. Once the project is approved, we design and develop software tailored to your business purposes.

IoT analytics

We help businesses draw actionable insights form the IoT data by developing and implementing IoT analytics solutions and providing IoT analytics as a service.

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Integration with legacy systems and applications

The value of an IoT solution that is not integrated into the existing infrastructure is questionable. We give due attention to integrating software with legacy systems (ERP, MES, CRM, WMS, SCADA, etc.) and tuning them to work in sync for bidirectional data flow and uninterrupted operations.

Support and evolution

Our team of IoT consultants and developers will make sure your solution runs without a hitch by providing:

On-demand support: We uncover functional issues, dig for their root causes and timely mitigate them. Our experienced quality assurance engineers identify potential functional disruptions and security holes to make sure your IoT system is fast, reliable, flexible and secure.

Continuous evolution: Timely upscaling your IoT solution, carrying out performance and security audits, integrating the IoT solution with third-party systems and applications, introducing new IoT solution architecture, adding new custom features.


IoT-driven digital transformation is a challenging initiative, but we know how to approach it. We leverage our extensive experience in cloud application design and development, cloud infrastructure administration and maintenance, remote monitoring and control, data analytics and information security, etc., to help you address the most acute IoT project challenges, including:

Lack of in-house competences in IoT

One of the major challenges for IoT architects and developers is the lack of standardization, which stems from non-unified cloud services, lack of uniform communication protocols, absence of standards for authentication, and diversities in IoT devices’ firmware and operating systems. We are ready to share our extensive experience to help you mitigate the pitfalls of IoT projects.

Insufficient teamwork

Successful IoT project requires close coordination and collaboration among the number of internal and external parties (product and operations managers, post-sales service and support, legal and compliance, etc.). Our IoT consultants will do their best to facilitate collaboration among the project stakeholders.

The need for constant evolution after deployment

Since your business strategy may evolve, an IoT solution should be able to adapt to the new objectives. In our approach to IoT architecture, we emphasize flexibility and the ability to scale. We make sure that your IoT solution not only meets the requirements of your current use case but serves as a basis for future projects as well.

Heal and Grow Your Business with IoT

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