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IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Solution

The formula of your company’s cyberattack resistance is a reliable information security platform coupled with comprehensive security services. Qrapp, an IBM Silver Business Partner, is happy to assist you with both. With more than 5 years of experience in information security and about 5 years of cooperation with IBM, we leverage the intelligence of IBM QRadar Platform helping customers to resist possible security threats and data breaches.

IBM QRadar Platform

IBM QRadar is a consolidated security information solution providing real-time visibility of the entire IT infrastructure. We offer a full range of QRadar solutions with the core SIEM component and the following complimentary integrated modules: Risk Manager, Vulnerability Manager and Incident Forensics.


The core module of QRadar Security Intelligence Platform that allows obtaining accurate analytical data on security events in real time. The solution collects, processes and stores data from connected log sources to analyze it and generate offenses on the basis of correlation rules once a security threat is detected.

IBM QRadar Risk Manager

This separately installed appliance uses configurations of connected devices (firewalls, routers, switches, etc.) to identify security, policy, and compliance risks in your network. It helps security administrators to evaluate and prioritize network security risks.

IBM QRadar Vulnerability Manager

The module scans your network for vulnerabilities, as well as uses the data collected from other scanners (such as Nessus and Rapid7). Employing advanced analytics, the solution processes the vulnerability data to identify network security risks. Besides, IBM QRadar Vulnerability Manager stores the database of vulnerabilities that can further be used in correlation rules and reports by IBM QRadar SIEM.

IBM QRadar Incident Forensics

Use this module to retrace the step-by-step actions of a potential attacker and conduct an in-depth forensics investigation of malicious security incidents within hours or, even, minutes.

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The price of your QRadar solution depends on the number of EPS (Events Per Second), FPM (Flows Per Minute) and the number of managed hosts. We will be happy to provide you with a firm quote based on your network configuration.

Our IBM QRadar Services

IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform allows pro-active incidents detection and response activities. Yet, to get a full-fledged solution, you need to integrate and fine-tune it to fit your threat profile and information security policy. And that’s what we do for our customers across industries.

Migration to IBM QRadar

We are always ready to share our experience and assist our customers in switching to QRadar from other security platforms. We will elaborate a detailed plan of migrating from your current functionality to QRadar and will help to eliminate possible gaps by refilling them with new correlation rules and custom log source extensions to make your security solution more effective.

IBM QRadar training

Our SIEM consultants organize a series of practice-oriented training sessions to share their knowledge in QRadar management with the customer’s security team. We offer two in-house QRadar training sessions on the customer’s site: Fundamentals and Advanced.

The The Fundamentals training module includes the following highlights: training module includes the following highlights:

The Advanced training module, targeted at more QRadar-savvy specialists, features the following topics:

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Qrapp is a one-stop shop where you get a robust IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform and end-to-end services, from security consulting to QRadar implementation, training and support.

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