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Hospital Mobile Apps
Individual Solutions to Embrace Diverse Demands

Bringing in 5 years in healthcare IT consulting and development, Qrapp creates custom branded mobile applications for health systems, hospitals, assisted living facilities and other organizations.

No pre-packaged hospital apps

With numerous projects behind, we have proven that providers employ very different operational processes, administrative workflows and specialized medical activities. Each organization’s IT infrastructure is outlined by the details, including particular internal standards in case management, care cycle and billing. A pre-made hospital app would ignore a crucial part of these details and won’t justify investments.

Convenience makes a difference

To become a go-to tool for health specialists, a mobile solution should be both functional and easy to use. That’s why we intensively collaborate with the end users. For example, when creating hospital apps for doctors, we take some time to review the physicians’ workflows and understand their exact needs. Only this way we can assure that the app will bring value. Otherwise, you would get useless and process-clogging software along with misapplied funds.

iOS vs. Android and tablets vs. smartphones

Choosing devices and platforms can be exhausting, but it practically gets down to a few points:

Not sure what’s the best option for your workflows and staff? Our savvy healthcare IT consultants are happy to help. Just click the button below, state your needs and get advice.

Hospital Mobile Apps in All Shapes and Sizes

Qrapp adopts both task-oriented and user-oriented approaches to hospital app development. Be it a multipurpose general app or a pinpointed app, it can fall under one of the categories below:

Commitment to HIPAA Compliance

At Qrapp, we are dedicated to sensitive data integrity and protection. We deliver mobile hospital apps in ways that will not entail increased risks related to compliance with HIPAA regulations and other industry standards, including HITECH, FDA policies, ISO 13485, and ISO 27799:2016. Please note that all sensitive information is stored at your servers and is encrypted at every point of interaction.

Integration with Your Existing Infrastructure

Thanks to individual approach to hospital apps development, we can painlessly plug the created tool in your IT architecture. Qrapp ensures seamless data synchronization with numerous clinical systems and devices via HL7 v.3 or FHIR, including:

Task types
Introducing Mobility into Your Clinical Processes

Whether you need to solve a particular clinical problem, create a mobile environment for a group of health specialists or equip a whole department, our healthcare IT consulting and development teams are ready to back you up.

We can start off with signing an NDA to secure our communication and protect your privacy. Then we proceed with discussing the needs and requirements of the organization and its staff. After that, we deliver a proof-of-concept to polish the details and create a cohesive prototype of how a hospital app can improve clinical workflows, relieve administrative burden and cut off tiresome workarounds. Let us know what you need!

See us in action!

We’d love to stay in touch. Describe the digital challenge you’ve faced, and we’ll get back to you with a solution we can offer.