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Custom Software Development for Healthcare
Proven Experience in Healthcare

We back up our medical clients in their mission to save lives and nurture health with unique software built according to the finest development methodologies.

For over 5 years, healthcare organizations, hospitals, clinics and assisted living facilities have been powered by our custom applications:

Software with a Healthy Value
Improving care quality

Better quality is often hampered by excessive paperwork, so we release your information and let it flow seamlessly within your medical establishment with the help of:

Custom electronic health record (EHR/EMR)

Enterprise content management (ECM)

Customer/Patient relationship management (CRM/PRM) systems

Patient Portals and Employee Portals (Intranets)

One size never fits all, so we ask the right questions and analyze user behavior to tailor a solution precisely to your needs. With all information stored in one place, both clinical specialists and patients benefit from:

Reaching out to patients

Today’s patients are mobile and want their healthcare data and advice available on the go, yet they more than ever guard their privacy. Securely connect with your clients across various communication channels:

Leveraging better management

Healthcare providers rely on strong data analysis tools to increase their financial efficiency and care quality. Thanks to business intelligence (BI) services, medical leaders and practitioners glean meaningful insights from structured information such as:

Qrapp provides specific data analysis services to help healthcare providers make efficient and timely decisions and better understand activities in their organizations:

Questions our clients ask

Can Qrapp ensure healthcare application development in compliance with HIPAA? How about IEC 62304 and ISO 13485?

Yes, our solutions are fully compliant with HIPAA, ICD-10, DICOM, ISO 13485, and other industry standards. We are committed to a secure and reliable software development process under IEC 62304:2006 / Amd 1:2015, that’s why we have built our own safe infrastructure and strict legal agreements.

Does Qrapp have experience in the US healthcare industry?

Yes, we have several long-term clients in the US. One of them is PerkinElmer – an American $2.2 bn multinational with operations in 150 countries focused on improving human and environmental health. We have created customized versions and improved functionality for a number of the company’s products. Our team is now involved in the continuous support of PerkinElmer’s software.
Our other client offers hospital applications to help 200 healthcare centers process patient and medication information. For them we have created a Java application for management and reporting as well as an analytical data warehouse to consolidate information from 200 databases. Now, Qrapp is building reports and OLAP-cubes for advanced analytics.

How do I know that my hospital application will be reliable?

At Qrapp we place a great value on planning: all the way from requirements gathering to design and implementation we perform thorough testing and revisions to ensure that your application runs like clockwork.

Ready for your new healthcare application?

We can kick off with signing an NDA and doing a pilot project or providing you with an estimation based on the requirements. It takes us only 2-4 weeks to start with a small team that can be scaled up at any time. Tell us more about your business so that we can discuss a solution.

See us in action!

We’d love to stay in touch. Describe the digital challenge you’ve faced, and we’ll get back to you with a solution we can offer.