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Healthcare CRM Software

Having 5 years in Healthcare IT behind, Qrapp delivers Healthcare CRM solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce Health Cloud to help you improve the quality of care and raise patient satisfaction through personalized, better-informed services – all with actionable data at your fingertips.

Gain, Engage and Retain More Patients

CRM for healthcare registers individuals not as patients but as prospects, leads and customers. It provides in-depth visibility into the progression of these relationships and helps to influence them across your communication channels – website, live chat, call center, social media and appointments.

We will help you personalize your offering based on patients’ data-rich profiles that draw on the effective synergy of CRM and EHR systems. Thus, through targeted content and proactive patient engagement, you will be able to build successful relationships and encourage higher loyalty.

Why CRM for Healthcare
Recharge Your Referral Management

Healthcare CRM enables clever, targeted referral management to build long-term relationships with referring professionals, such as primary care physicians, and thus maximize the influx of patients from your referral sources.

Within holistic profiles, a CRM system will keep track of the complete interaction history with each member of your referral network. This includes visit scheduling via online forms, phone or fax and sending automatic appointment reminders.

Optimized for acquisition and retention of referring professionals, the system will also tie your personnel’s activities to the outcomes and efficiency that can be monitored and assessed through custom reporting dashboards.

Healthcare CRM as Complementary to EHR

Although both systems store patient data, enable internal collaboration and focus on a personalized approach to caregiving, it is healthcare CRM software that helps to increase patient satisfaction and sustain relationships through better experience.

We integrate CRM with EHR so that you can drive more value from the data stored in both systems. This results in presenting information scraped from patients’ records and communication history across channels as a pool of essential facts to be used for targeted campaigns and content personalization.

How We Help

In healthcare, CRM can do so much more than just replace sticky notes on caregivers’ desks, and our CRM consultants know how to unfold the system’s potential with an eye on your budget and project timelines.

Full-cycle competencies

We start with CRM consulting and a free proof-of-concept to align your expectations and requirements. We then take you through the project stages, from Business Analysis to Maintenance, with minimum efforts on your side

Multi-platform CRM

We have the resources and expertise to deliver healthcare CRM solutions across desktop, web and mobile platforms, including cloud-based options


We integrate CRM solutions with existing enterprise-level systems such as EHR, PMS, RMS and patient support facilities (online appointment booking, patient portals, live chat, call center)

Website personalization

From the first website visit on, we help you build trust, increase engagement and stimulate conversion by serving only relevant content. This includes personalized landing pages, promotions, services and educational materials selected on the basis of each visitor’s or registered patient’s unique story.

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Our Approach​
Give It a Go

Healthcare organizations differ. Find out how a CRM can help yours by contacting us to receive a free kick-off consultation.

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