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Medical Data Analytics Solutions

Qrapp brings together its 30 years in BI & Data Science and 14 years in Healthcare to assist caregivers with in-depth understanding of their clinical, operational and financial processes.

Why Go for Value-Improving Analytics

Providers have to watch over different dimensions simultaneously, balancing quality care delivery with moderate costs while tracking workforce and financials. Keeping all these dimensions effective is impossible without custom analytics, since only tailored, agile tools can accommodate both established processes and changing conditions (such as the transition to a value-based care environment).

The analytics that helps to improve value, keep up with the competition and evolve care quality is based on 5 interconnected dimensions: outcomes, costs, patient-generated health data (PGHD), financial management and internal processes.


This dimension will provide you with essential data for detecting treatment anomalies and identifying trends. For this, we aggregate diverse parameters that indicate individual patients’ progress:

Sample reports:

To offer you a full coverage of the entire condition care process and beyond, our applications deliver a detailed outcome overview by collecting and modelling patients’ data from a wide range of systems, such as:


Patient-generated health data (PGHD) can be the key part of continuous care delivery, especially for chronic disease management. We analyze it to help you constantly monitor patients’ current health status, identify irregularities, evaluate the treatment plan progress, recognize early symptoms of complications and reduce readmissions.

Sample insights:

The only information source you need here is your patients. PGHD collecting can be enabled via a patient mobile application or a patient portal, so that individuals could measure their vitals, record them and share this information with you. Mobile application options for PGHD generation include:


It takes a deep understanding of resources used throughout the care delivery cycle to optimize costs. We can help you analyze exact costs of particular episodes for each patient to get a larger picture of your expenses in the form of interactive charts and reports, to enable evidence-based decision making.

Sample reports:

To measure and control the costs involved in the patient’s condition treatment process, our analytic solutions aggregate data from the following systems:

Financial management

We keep you tuned to all the financials by introducing an extended cash flow reporting into your work. With this data, you can build a larger and steadier payment stream as well as make more precise strategic plans.

Sample reports:

To offer only relevant inputs for optimizing your cash flow, our analytic software will source the data from the following sources:

Internal processes

We will aggregate data into comprehensive dashboards, charts and diagrams to facilitate transparent performance evaluation at your organization. To identify areas for improvement, you can compare a wide range of inputs. For reference, you can consider a few examples of the exploratory analysis below.

Sample reports:

To deliver specific insights for pattern recognition, our healthcare data analytics solutions process the information from a number of systems, such as:

How We Do It: Levels Of Technical Implementation
User Interface

To offer a seamless combination of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics, we break down data volumes into clear reports and charts.

Technologies to choose from:

OLAP Cubes

This will allow you to view data from multiple standpoints to expose achievements and root out potential problems.

Technologies to choose from:

Data Warehouse

This is the core of the entire analytics system. Using ETL (Extract – Transform - Load) processes, we collect, aggregate and store data for further processing.

Technologies to choose from:

Give It a Head Start

To get started, we offer you a free kick-off consultation and proof-of-concept. Contact us to see how your own raw data is taking shape and guiding you to better care delivery quality, lower costs and higher revenue.

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