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Ecommerce Website Design Services

Up to 48% of consumers judge business credibility by the website aesthetics. When translated into the ecommerce language: good website design can double the revenue of online retailers.

Boosting sales is exactly the aim of ecommerce web design services offered by Qrapp. A digital experience that we build


We design, visualize and implement customer experience that your website will deliver via UX design, UI design, and front-end development. Among the benefits of delegating all the three services to us are design integrity and smooth project communication.

Step 1. UX design

Depending on whether you are fighting for conversions on your functioning, though probably ineffective, website or are only planning to launch, we unfold:

UX design

Your custom ecommerce website is framed around the target audience and starts bringing ROI right away.

UX research

We gather information and form a vision of your target audience by:

Competitor analysis

We investigate the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. This will allow us to win over your target audience further on.


We outline the page functionality and navigational structure in simplified and schematic wireframes. At this stage, you get a general vision of the future website interface while we can make changes quickly after your review.

Usability testing

Testing and fixing the future design allow you to save on costlier fixes later during the development process.

Step 2. UI design

At this stage, you get your website visualized in mockups.

We form a UI kit with critical UI components: fonts, buttons, icons, and more visual elements.

We create website mockups taking into account your business identity and personal vision and aligning them with our design principles of creativity and elegance.

We design user interfaces for AR-powered ecommerce applications as part of our vast custom ecommerce development services.

We maintain a brand identity for your online presence in case you are an established business eager to communicate a consistent brand message. The personality of your company may be reflected in the company story, typography, color palette, imagery style, and logos.

We design the website for the cross-platform experience. An effective mobile presence can be realized through PWA or mobile app development. If you opt for a responsive website, we elaborate UI mockups optimized for mobile.

Step 3. Front-end development

At this stage, the UX and UI groundwork finds its technical embodiment. The workflow is as follows:

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