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Ecommerce Implementation Services

Qrapp works towards building a strong online presence for differing companies – those who only start selling online, move from offline to omnichannel retailing or evolve their existing ecommerce business. 5 years in ecommerce development and consulting made us proficient at serving the needs of them all. For our customers, we become a reliable partner to pinpoint business requirements, take on ecommerce solution implementation and continuously evolve it further on.


Here, we give the scope and flow of our implementation services. But we certainly don’t insist on the described sequence and are flexible to adapt the project structure for each customer.

Implementation consulting

It can be safely called the foundation of rewarding and impactful cooperation. To be on the same page, we listen to your business specifics, challenges you face, ambitions you pursue and doubts you have in mind. Along with that, we deeply analyze your business structure and processes and discover hidden problems that can hit the business down the road. We further use this wealth of information as a jumping start to design a technical solution for you. We extend our consulting services up to developing actionable user adoption and support strategies.

Configuration and customization

We work extensively with native features of an ecommerce platform configuring it for specified tasks. Also, we can give full play to our technical expertise and mould it into a truly custom solution to meet your specific needs. With that, we provide the technological environment for your business to enter the market, compete successfully and grow.

UX and UI design

We create an attractive wrapping for your ecommerce business – a website that is simple in a good way and engaging. In design, we lean on your product line, target audience and the overall message you want to deliver to make your online space welcoming. Each step of a virtual customer journey is thought-out so that shoppers feel comfortable from the moment of landing on your website to checking out.


We don’t narrow our efforts down to ecommerce software only but work with a much wider concept – an ecommerce solution. Complex integrations with payment gateways, brick-and-mortar POS systems (for omnichannel retail businesses), and supporting corporate systems result in your business processes working in sync.

Solution migration

Whenever we work with businesses that struggle with obsolete ecommerce software, we offer an ecommerce platform both optimal for their current needs and supporting potential business growth. When a new solution is ready, we migrate the company data with minimal disruption to business operations.

Security testing

We know how confidentiality and integrity of data is of paramount importance in ecommerce. A must part of ecommerce solution implementation, penetration testing can also come as a standalone service for established companies to identify security vulnerabilities and threats.

User training

An ecommerce solution is no value if your team doesn’t use it properly. On-site or remote training sessions will help them to adopt new workflows and feel comfortable with them.

After-launch support

When an all-important moment of launch is behind, we keep an eye on the solution to ascertain it delivers the expected experience. As a rule, after-launch support takes from 1 to 3 months.

Ongoing support

We make long-term cooperation with customers our priority and add reliable technical support to the list of our ecommerce implementation services. As we have known the business from the solution design stage, we are quick to solve arising challenges, catch up new requirements and develop and implement an evolution roadmap.


Our team of diverse talents works their way through each aspect of an ecommerce solution.


For years in the field, we have elaborated the core principles to build our approach.

We understand ecommerce business. We are not just a technical team, we employ our extensive ecommerce consulting experience to solve your business problems with the right technology. We keep up with emerging ecommerce trends and support digital transformation unraveling in the industry.

We provide end-to-end implementation services. With an ecommerce team in-house, we cover all the steps of the solution implementation with our own efforts. Consequently, our team communication is straightforward and the resulting solution is integral.

We cooperate with all parties involved in the project. When designing and implementing an ecommerce solution, we take care to create an environment where our communication with you as a business owner but also, importantly, with other companies involved is smooth and productive. Here, we mean ecommerce business consultants, marketing agencies and third-party system vendors you might partner.

We have strong project management. In a team where everybody is a bright mind but works on their own, clashes and competition will occur and deter the project flow. As such, we care to have competent and skillful project managers on board to ensure the work is well-coordinated.

We guarantee the quality of deliverables. The quality of an implemented solution impacts critical business aspects – customer experience in an online store, back-office processes and further solution maintenance and evolution. With our ecommerce testing and QA services, we take control over code, integration and performance quality.

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