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Food Ecommerce Solutions

At Qrapp, we have been exploring and working with different product lines of global ecommerce companies since 2014. By making food one of our focuses, we look into subtle aspects of this industry and continually grow professionally to offer our customers way more than sheer enthusiasm – experience-based consulting on food ecommerce ins and outs and technical competence to bring all blueprints to life.


Don’t invest in advertising. Design selling customer experience first.


We know that companies with largely varying needs and goals enter the e-grocery realm. Our services and solutions are tailored accordingly.

Food ecommerce startups

For newcomers in the food market, we become a reliable partner to ideate, shape rough ideas into actionable ecommerce requirements and start a project within agreed timeframes and budget.

Brick-and-mortar food businesses

We are ready to put food companies on the omnichannel rails. For that, we develop an on-brand ecommerce solution and orchestrate a smooth coexistence of the customer’s two retail channels. We achieve a business flow where the customer takes full control over omnichannel sales, marketing and customer service. Consistent customer experience of interacting with the company via each point of entry is ensured.

Established food ecommerce businesses

As their ecommerce company evolves, a customer may need to reorganize their business processes in line with changing goals or grow their business to the next level. We can develop an evolution roadmap and redesign their current ecommerce solution to meet new objectives.

B2B food businesses

An online presence is instrumental for grocery vendors and suppliers who thus set a direct sales channel and effectively connect to distributors. Well-versed in the business specifics of B2B companies, we come up with ecommerce solutions where an approach, design and website content contribute to image-building and speak for the professionalism and trustworthiness of our customer.


Though traditional food shopping rooted deeply in people’s minds, we pursue the aim of offering an alternative online experience way more convenient and enjoyable. Beneficial for our customers, our domain expertise gives us valuable insights into what features in online food stores help winning customer trust, bolster their shopping experience and drive sales.

Smart merchandising

We know how online merchandising in grocery ecommerce can work for customer experience and elevate each step of a shopping journey, whether it comes to searching for a required product or making a purchasing decision. During the solution development process, we have several aspects in focus:

Personalized shopping journeys

Customer experience personalization can create a real competitive edge over brick-and-mortar experience. From product recommendation engines to email marketing campaigns, our ecommerce solutions provide smart assistance in your clients’ shopping journeys and personalize their post-purchase communication. Enterprise systems composing your ecommerce solution collect and unify available customer data. Its analysis lays the foundation both for targeting customer segments identified against various criteria and for personalizing customer experience based on their individual purchasing history. As a rule and for greater efficiency, both techniques are engaged.

Goal-oriented product promotions

Rather than setting random product discounts, we help to implement an actionable promotional strategy around actual goals. Thus, promotional scenarios will be different for:

Unique customer experience

We elaborate on how your company can create true value for your customers. This can be telling the story of your brand or showcasing the real team standing behind it, running a blog or offering an express delivery – during our cooperation, we will technically implement ideas of how your company can go above and beyond with exceptional customer experience.

Mobile optimization

Given that food shopping is a routine for people, they expect equally good experience whatever device they use. To win and convert mobile visitors, we don’t just create a smaller website version – we analyze and optimize each step of a typical shopping journey focusing on convenient catalog navigation, voice search, simplified product pages and user-friendly checkout.


Over the years in the ecommerce industry, we have matured to become a reliable partner to food businesses offering full-cycle services.

Solution consulting

Typically, the team of business analysts starts an ecommerce project with discussing a customer’s business challenges and goals and giving their expert take on how to design an ecommerce solution optimal in terms of functionality and project budget. We don’t confine the solution’s scope to its ecommerce element only (an ecommerce website) but employ other enterprise systems to effectively organize all business processes (including supply chain, product and order management, etc.). Empowered with Microsoft Gold Data Analytics competency, Silver Pimcore and Salesforce Registered Consulting Partners & Clients, to name a few prominent companies we work with, we recommend truly robust technologies to our customers.

Solution support and evolution

Ongoing maintenance activities and emergency fixes are only a minor part of our support services. We understand that food businesses don’t stay still but continuously evolve – some features may have proved to be insufficient or excessive while new ideas and goals emerge. Our ecommerce specialists can guide you on the development strategy and expertly back up the growth and transformation of your business.


For food ecommerce companies, we opt for open-source software. When designing a solution, this doesn’t limit us to the out-of-the-box feature pack and allows thinking big in terms of custom functionality. Whatever challenging idea we come up with, no platform limitation can define the result.

Our team has worked with Magento for a number of ecommerce projects, so our technology focus on this robust open-source platform is experience-based and reasoned. With Magento, we deliver custom ecommerce solutions seamlessly integrated within a company infrastructure.

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