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Ecommerce Performance Testing Services

Ecommerce performance testing is a cost-effective investment into website speed examination that goes invisible for your customers but contributes much to their flawless experience. Business speaking, this brings you low bounce rates and high conversions.

In Qrapp, we have polished our approach to ecommerce performance testing to back up your website throughout the year and amidst traffic fluctuations. We make sure your website performs stable with expected traffic load and during load peaks at times of marketing campaigns.


Knowing how your sales hinge on the website availability and performance, we arrange for a quick project kick-off and delivery within 1-2 weeks. From the moment of our getting in touch to your data-driven confidence in your website performance, our cooperation unfolds in 6 steps.

Confirming user scenarios

We exploit comprehensive user scenarios for three user roles: a guest user, a logged-in user and a repeat customer. The scenarios cover:

We adjust the scenarios if user journeys on your website have been heavily customized for your business.

Designing performance tests

Based on the historical data on your web store traffic, we plan number of concurrent users and determine response time objectives and expected test results. We proceed with customizing performance test scripts for your website.

Setting up the performance testing environment

We research your application infrastructure to have full visibility into your production environment and replicate it in test. For the most accurate test outputs, we make sure no other activity is started in the testing environment during test execution.

Executing performance tests

At this step, we run performance tests at the time specified. We are flexible to conduct testing off-hours and off-days, just will need a heads-up in advance.


As the final stage of a performance testing life cycle, we report you back on key performance KPIs:

Now, with the full visibility into your website performance, we provide you with a clear call to action – optimization solutions that will help you achieve stable website functioning and survive high-selling periods smoothly.

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