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Dynamics 365 for Marketing – One Solution for Successful Performance

Are you thinking of innovating your marketing performance? Take a look at Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing, a native app for Dynamics 365 capable of transforming the way you market your business.

We know first-hand the quality of Microsoft products – we have been delivering Dynamics 365 & CRM solutions for global companies for 5 years and have earned the status of Microsoft Gold Competency Partner. Having contributed to the success stories of implementing Dynamics 365 for Marketing for companies worldwide (including multibusiness groups of companies), we have seen how marketing upgrades to a qualitatively new level with this smart app. Now, we are driven by knowledge and experience to realize your vision of a full-featured marketing solution for your business based on Dynamics 365 for Marketing.

Key Possibilities of Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing claims to be an all-encompassing marketing application. Indeed, its functionality is sufficient to conduct multichannel marketing activities, personalize communication with customers, evaluate and continuously improve marketing performance. The app offers a number of solutions and some of them also come as add-ons for other Dynamics 365 products.

Only available as a part of the Marketing package

Available also as separate add-ons

Core Marketing

Voice of the Customer

Event Management

Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Dynamics 365 portals

The Core Marketing unit covers a comprehensive customer profile, email management, marketing forms and pages, customer segmentation, customer journeys, lead management, marketing analytics.

The Event Management functionality allows centralizing and monitoring all event-related information.

With Voice of the Customer, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing introduces a possibility to launch online surveys and analyze their results.

Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms imports leads generated with LinkedIn's lead tools into Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 portals give the audience (whether customers or your internal team) an online space to communicate and collaborate.

How Dynamics 365 for Marketing Transforms Business Processes

Covering the app functionality is essential to give a general overview. Now, we will focus on translating core functionality into the business language to show exactly what business challenges Dynamics 365 for Marketing solves and what benefits it provides.

From scattered to centralized marketing information

When your team members share one source of company marketing data, they are less dependent on each other for exchanging and updating information. Having all the details of marketing activities at hand, marketing teams work more coherently and effectively.

From time-consuming manual processes to effective marketing automation

If you want to achieve automation of daily processes that can be triggered without the direct participation of your marketing team, you will find Customer Journeys in Dynamics 365 for Marketing particularly valuable. Imagine that your team members have a board game where they map out a customer journey from different elements (customer segments, actions, triggers). They decide how the journey unfolds depending on a customer’s reaction to a marketing action.

For example, they may follow up with a reminder if a customer hasn’t opened an email with a discount coupon in three days. The great advantage of setting customer journeys in Dynamics is that once a journey for a marketing campaign has been created, it starts automatically as scheduled. This saves your team time for other tasks requiring their direct involvement.

From targeting the whole pool of customers to focusing on specific customer segments

Dynamics 365 for Marketing delivers customer segmentation for your marketing team to tailor the communication to customers’ needs and interests. Before launching a campaign, marketers think over its target audience, create a relevant segment and win customers’ trust by communicating with them at a new quality level.

Let’s say a chain of beauty salons is planning to run a number of workshops presenting their new treatments. With Dynamics 365 for Marketing, they may start out with filtering active customers for the last three months and further segment them based on gender and age. In this way, they make sure they have nailed it with offering a specific treatment to the right audience instead of disturbing the whole client base with irrelevant invitations.

From standard to customized templates of emails and marketing pages

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing comes with predefined templates for different types of emails (abandoned shopping cart reminder, feedback request, holiday greeting, etc.) and marketing pages (contact capture, event registration, newsletter subscription, etc.). Still, you may naturally want to optimize the process of launching future marketing campaigns and create templates customized in line with your corporate style from the very start. Your marketers are free to do it in the core marketing unit. Besides, they won’t need to repeat the same work every time – they may store customized templates and use them in campaigns ever since.

From traditional to new marketing channels

Used to well-known channels of marketing your business like emails or advertisements, you may be overlooking an interesting way to showcase products or services – events. Some of the possible ideas are exhibitions, lectures, runway shows, and presentations. While you are deciding if it is worth engaging this marketing channel, you need to know that arranging an event with Dynamics 365 for Marketing is more than convenient. The team members participating in the preparation keep all event-related information in one place. Thus, they are always abreast of updates made by their colleagues. Similarly, they don’t need to rely on memory or paper notes to take all details into account. The actual complete information is always in full access in their Dynamics organizer.

From relying on your opinion solely to listening to your customers

We wonder if a company can have a true and fair picture of customer satisfaction without gaining their first-hand feedback. While it is possible to evaluate the quality of products the company sells or the services it provides, many questions (specific for each particular business) remain. For example, are customers satisfied with the product assortment (for retail business)? Is it easy for them to make an appointment (for any service company)? Is room service maintained at a high level (for the hospitality industry)? Asking customers to share their experience is the simplest and most effective way to get answers. Dynamics 365 for Marketing has a solution – Voice of the Customer – where you can create surveys. Further, they can be integrated with events, emails, and customer journeys. A customer’s survey responses not only reveal possible flaws and serve as growth points for a business, but they also can be of great help while processing this customer’s service requests and cases.

From brick-and-mortar to online representation of a business

Even if you are not planning to sell online, launching a portal has quite a number of benefits that are united by a common idea – to build a community with your customers, partners and team members. As Dynamics 365 for Marketing includes the full portal capabilities, you can easily go online and fill in your portal with the information interesting and useful for your target audience. There, your customers may register for events, partners – read your success stories, and employees – get familiar with corporate announcements.

From awaiting to generating leads from marketing activities

Dynamics 365 for Marketing gives your sales team an opportunity to streamline the process of generating leads from marketing pages. For example, they can engage with website visitors who have subscribed to a newsletter. To make the process of generating and nurturing leads even more effective, the app allows for setting lead-scoring models. The idea implies that you define rules for how leads are scored depending on their activities, interactions or over time. In sum, you can get leads automatically generated and scored by Dynamics 365 for Marketing, and further focus on working with them efficiently. Additionally, Dynamics has a connector to LinkedIn Lead Gen enabling you to collect leads from ads in LinkedIn.

From guesswork to informed marketing decisions

There is one more aspect to cover in order to justify us calling Dynamics 365 for Marketing an all-encompassing marketing app. Its embedded analytics is the key to understand how marketing activities resonate with the audience, what works best for them and what can be excluded from the marketing strategy. Dynamics 365 for Marketing tracks KPIs for its every unit (email management, customer journeys, etc.) to provide you with insights into customer behavior and lead you to data-driven marketing solutions.

How Qrapp Can Be Helpful

Along with delivering complex Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions, Qrapp can focus solely on the Marketing app. The scope of our services include:

Dynamics 365 consulting

We start with business analysis to hear your ideas and outline our vision on how to make the project the most beneficial for your company. We give you more details on the functionality of Dynamics 365 for Marketing, discuss how we can take into account all the peculiarities of your business and customize the app to achieve an optimal solution.

Dynamics 365 customization

Despite its diverse functionality, Dynamics 365 for Marketing has been developed with general marketing needs in mind. To become a perfect solution for your business, it requires customization (adding new fields or removing unused ones, developing custom workflows and more). Our professional competencies allow us to implement all changes, improvements, and adjustments we will agree upon. Still, our good knowledge of out-of-the-box functionality ensures that we avoid unneeded customization and come up with the most cost-effective result.

Dynamics 365 integration

We take responsibility for making Dynamics 365 for Marketing fit into your corporate infrastructure smoothly. As far as it requires customer data (personal and contact details, transactional data, history of interactions with a company, etc.), it must work in sync with other corporate systems (e.g., an ecommerce platform, a POS system, other Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps (Sales, Customer Service, etc.)).

Dynamics 365 user training

We believe it’s safe to say that you look for marketing software to facilitate the way you plan, execute and analyze marketing activities, optimize routine tasks your team conducts and gain better visibility into the overall picture of the marketing strategy. Unlocking these benefits seems hardly possible if direct users of the platform lack the know-how to work with it. In Qrapp, we believe that successful implementation of software solutions should be necessarily followed by profound user training where we explain the functionality users get with Dynamics 365 for Marketing and teach them how to employ it with maximum efficiency.

Dynamics 365 support

To free you from delving into the technical details of software, we take on the support of Dynamics 365 for your company. We are always here to assist you in solving arising issues and ensure the smooth operation of the app. We act promptly and professionally to minimize its downtime.

Boost Your Marketing Performance with Us

Whether you have questions left concerning Dynamics 365 for Marketing or you are in two minds about what marketing software you need, feel free to contact us for a focused dialogue. Together, we will elaborate the best solution.

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