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Cybersecurity Consulting

For more than 4 years, QRAPP has been delivering full-scale consulting services in information security. We help our customers to protect their IT environments by proactively identifying security threats and gaps.

Enhance your information security through our competencies to:

APT Protection

Companies of any size are getting exposed to advanced persistent threats (APTs) more than ever. Qrapp's security consultants configure and fine-tune SIEM solutions to perform proactive detection of APTs to avoid financial losses, sensitive data leaks and retain corporate reputation.

Qrapp's SIEM team will help your organization resist APTs by fine-tuning your security solution to make it scan your network thoroughly.

APT-focused SIEM solutions allow companies to:

Monitor their IT landscapes at different levels to capture an APT at any stage.

Analyze all security events in a single console. This enables detecting APT symptoms using the entire set of security parameters available in SIEM platforms.

Develop strong anti-APT defense in line with industry best practices.

Penetration Testing Services

Qrapp delivers penetration testing to identify potential gaps in companies’ networks that intruders can break through.

Penetration testing allows our customers to:
Identity and Access Management Services

Qrapp provides identity and access management (IAM) services based on IBM Security Identity and Access Manager.

Qrapp's consultants will help you to keep your data safe by consulting on proper configuration of IAM Manager in accordance with your security landscape:

We implement a role-based access in your system to keep cybercriminals away from your sensitive data.

We automate user account life cycles to optimize their output and facilitate user profiles management.

We implement the segregation of duties model to enable flawless system performance when more than one user executes a task.

Why go for IAM:
Improve the Protection of Your IT Environment

Backed with the wealth of expertise in security consulting, our team is ready to help you design and implement the most relevant defense for your IT environment and the information stored within it. Feel free to reach us to get the answers to any security-related questions you have.

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