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Big Data Consulting Services

For 5 years, Qrapp has been designing and implementing big data analytics solutions in Banking and Financial Services, Advertising, Telecoms, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, etc. Certified by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft, our team works with a wide technology stack, including Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Storm, Apache Cassandra and other frameworks. Qrapp's big data consultants are always ready to help you adopt an advanced approach to data.

Big Data Consulting Services from A to Z
We Know How to Exploit the Full Potential of Your Data
Operational analytics

Sensors, wireless technologies and the internet of things allow monitoring a wide range of variables: from a continuous performance of every piece of equipment to every nuance of procurement, supply chain management and other processes.

Within operational analytics, we distinguish industrial data analytics and business process analytics.

Industrial big data analytics

Routinely collected and analyzed, operational data allows companies to:

Business process analytics
Customer analytics

In an omnichannel world, it’s important to study every single track that a customer left – no matter, if they visited a brick-and-mortar or an online shop, used the company’s mobile app or left a comment in social media. Qrapp's big data consulting practitioners will help you analyze data taken from various sources to get valuable analysis results.

Based on the results of customer data analytics, you can:

Big data analytics for fraud prevention

Analytics helps identify suspicious activities, as well as prevent potential fraud.

Thanks to big data analytics, a company can:

Challenges We Solve

Choosing an optimal architecture and platforms from multiple options. We help our customers not to get lost among multiple possible options: cloud-based or in-house solution, a required platform or framework able to solve the tasks (for instance, Hadoop or Spark). We tailor our suggestions of architecture and platforms to our customers’ needs. For each option, we describe all pros and cons in detail and recommend the best option.

Facing a high total cost of ownership.. We are laser-focused on the possibilities to optimize an existing architecture to reduce customer’s costs (such as the costs of cloud services, software license, software maintenance, data acquisition). We offer alternative options that bring both extra benefits and reduced costs.

Integrating various platforms and services.. A big data solution always combines multiple components, as there are multiple data sources. We provide our customers with a sufficient stack of compatible platforms and services needed to satisfy the business needs.

Technology Stack
Distributed storage:
Graph processing:
Programming languages:
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