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Business Intelligence Solutions

For 5 years, Qrapp has been delivering business intelligence (BI) solutions that cover the needs of both business users and business analysts. The former need predefined reports, the latter value flexibility, and we know how to combine the required features into one solution.

BI software that we offer encompasses:

Our Competencies and Achievements
Customized BI Solutions

We take business needs of a particular customer as a core of a BI solution and fill it with relevant features.

Customer-related BI solutions
Process-related BI solutions
Data Sources

We deliver business intelligence solutions that allow companies to analyze data from multiple sources (typically, 20 – 30) to get a complete picture of their business.

Typical Stages and Their Duration for Midsized BI Solutions

Discovery (1-3 days). During this stage, we scrutinize the short-term and long-term business goals. We check the as-is situation (the available data sources and existing IT environment) and then identify gaps and possibilities for improvement.

Customized demo (1-5 days). We transform the customer’s needs into a demo, based on either real or demo data. Thus, our customers can see their future BI solutions in action.

Contract signing. We agree on the solution features, provide our customers with the estimations based on their requirements and allocate a BI team.

Delivery of a customized BI solution (2-3 weeks).


Being the partner of Microsoft, we keep up with best practices in delivering business intelligence solutions, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Data visualization

OLAP cubes

Data warehouse


The pricing depends on the number of reports, dashboards, analytical measures and dimensions. Click the button below and tell us about your business requirements: our business intelligence consultants will be happy to clarify the details.

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