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Business Intelligence Implementation

We design and implement powerful business intelligence that allows our customers to plan their companies’ activities, check the performance against the plan, analyze changes and optimize their processes and operations.

Why Entrusting BI Implementation to Qrapp?

In addition to 5 years of consulting and hands-on business intelligence practice, we are also skilled in related domains, having 5 years of experience in data science and 5 years – in big data. With such a background, we don’t see a problem in delivering a BI solution that derives insights from both traditional and big data or that is strengthened with machine learning or other data science techniques.

Such technology giants as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and Oracle recognize our expertise. For example, Microsoft awarded us with Gold competencies in Data Analytics and Data Platform.

In 2018, we were rated A+ by BBB, as well as featured on The Silicon Review listing among 10 Fastest Growing Data Analytics Companies.

What Capabilities Will BI Make Available?

We have developed a BI framework to help companies monitor their activities, identify issues and their root causes, check best- and worst-case scenarios and finally benefit from fact-based decision-making:

Plan execution
Change analysis

Insights provided by a centralized BI solution can be used to optimize internal processes or operations, such as:

What BI Implementation Services Does Qrapp Provide?

We offer full-cycle services that cover consulting, implementation, support and evolution, thus leaving no gap between the ideas and the final solution.

Requirements engineering

At this stage, we collect the requirements of the stakeholders, including:

We document all the requirements, manage and prioritize them to reflect in a BI solution.

Dashboard design

We consider each user role (for example, CEO, executives, department managers or analysts) and recommend what KPIs each dashboard should reflect. Besides, we suggest the layout and the most convenient data representation options to ensure that dashboards are uncluttered and intuitive.


We do all the coding work to:

As an alternative to implementing the whole BI solution at once, we offer an iterative approach. In this case, we can deliver a basic BI solution in 2-5 months. For that, we prioritize the deliverables and start with the key reports and dashboards (for example, financial and sales) to later add the reports that provide a more detailed look (for example, cost and operational reports). While developing iteratively, we apply the DevOps approach to assure the quickness and frequency of releases without sacrificing on the solution’s quality.

User training

We conduct training sessions that are targeted at each user group and offer a detailed explanation of the solution’s components and functions. After the training, end users are fully ready to use BI in their daily work.


We conduct user acceptance testing of a not yet launched solution to check it in different real-world scenarios. Then, we deploy the solution in production, making it ready for end users. We make sure that the deployment is smooth and that no issues, such as no access to the system or zero values in a report, prevent the users from working with the BI solution.

After-launch support

During 1 – 3 months after the launch, while our customers already enjoy the solution, we eliminate any problem that may appear or help to enrich the solution’s capabilities, for example, by adding new data sources or configuring some additional reports.

What Cooperation Models Does Qrapp Offer?

We are open to various cooperation models – whether that be cooperating with external business consultants or with business users directly, with minimum burden on IT department.

We establish continuous communication with our customers to keep them informed about the project evolvement and timely react to their feedback.

What Industries Does Qrapp Serve?

We have substantial experience and understanding of business processes and industry standards in many fields:

Get a Powerful BI and Benefit from Informed Decisions

Would you like to discuss the particulars of your BI project? Our BI consultants are ready to clarify all the questions and guide you through the whole implementation process.

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