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A Gold Microsoft Partner, Qrapp offers to take over the management of your Azure services and applications based on Azure. We strive to minimize administration efforts on your side, keep Azure bills reasonable, and provide you with a total transparency over the service we deliver.

Why Choose Qrapp’s Azure Managed Services

A member of Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.

A reliable Microsoft Partner holding 6 Gold Microsoft Competencies, including in Data Analytics, Data Platform, Datacenter, and Messaging.

4 years of experience in IT industry.

3 years in IT service management (ITSM) practices based on ITIL principles.

Over 3 years in DevOps practices.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Experts (MCSE), Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPS) on board.

Recognized as Top IT Company

BBB Accredited Business.

Where Our Azure Managed Services Are Useful

Qrapp’s Azure managed services can be tailored for various customers – be they non-IT companies using Azure as IaaS and/or PaaS to run business-critical applications and services, or SaaS application providers who use Azure to run their applications. We also have a tailored offer for non-IT companies or software companies with big data, IoT, or other storage-intensive applications residing on Azure.

Qrapp’s Azure managed services are suitable for customers who need to ensure:

Coverage of all Azure services the customer uses or is planning to use.

Close collaboration with your in-house IT team and/or other vendors’ teams (if needed).

Optimization and configuration of Azure services.

Error-free integration of Azure services with the on-premises ones.

Continuous application and service monitoring and troubleshooting.

Support of changes in Azure-based applications.

Reduced Azure administration costs.

Service Options We Offer

We tailor our Azure managed services for different customer needs and requirements. Specifically, we take into account the following factors:

Whether the applications residing on Azure are included in the services you expect us to deliver.

Whether you need cybersecurity services as a part of our Azure managed services offering.

Azure Components We Cover

Qrapp’s IT team has the required competence expertise to cover the following Azure service categories:

The Scope of Our Azure Managed Services

Azure administration and troubleshooting

Our Azure experts will take over:

Administrating your Azure services.

Configuring your Azure resources.

Managing data flows going through Azure.

Backing up the data stored in your Azure resources.

Addressing the issues resulting from application and server misconfigurations, server overloads, and investigating event logs to find the root causes of incidents and prevent them from reappearing.

Azure monitoring

Qrapp’s IT team ensures continuous monitoring of your Azure-based applications and services to timely detect configuration, security, and other issues. We can properly configure such tools as Azure Monitor, Nagios, Zabbix, Prometheus, etc. to ensure that your applications are highly available and reliable. We exert all efforts to avoid system downtime within your IT environment, and provide you with detailed reports on your Azure resources utilization and performance.

Azure usage optimization

With your business objectives in mind, our IT team defines underutilized resources and develops a plan to increase the efficiency of your Azure resources utilization. We are ready to give actionable recommendations on your Azure services usage optimization.

Azure evolution

Qrapp is ready to help you plan changes and expansions you need to implement in your AWS environment. We provide our assistance to improve your IT infrastructure in close collaboration with your in-house IT infrastructure management team or with the team of another vendor (possibly – within the DevOps approach), or with our own efforts. Our experts are eager to do their best to implement the planned changes avoiding downtime, and help your development and support teams adapt to the changed AWS environment as quickly and painlessly as possible.In collaboration with your IT team or your other vendors, Qrapp can help you plan the changes needed to improve the reliability of your Azure-based infrastructure, and provide recommendations on implementing these changes with the minimal downtime. Qrapp’s IT team is also ready to train your application development and support teams to help them quickly adapt to the changed IT environment.

The provision of consolidated billing

With Qrapp’s Azure managed services, you get one bill for Azure and Qrapp’s managed services. What’s more, consolidated billing allows us to offer price advantages to our customers.

Benefits You May Pursue and How We Deliver Them

We can help you make the usage of your Azure services more cost-effective with the following advantages you can get from the cooperation with us:

Benefit #1. Reduced Azure services costs

We regularly monitor and analyze your Azure resources consumption to ensure cost-effective usage of Azure resources.

We tune Azure scaling policies to ensure optimal behavior of Azure services.

We define the right types of virtual machines and storage that will suit your application workloads.

We apply ITSM processes to decrease Azure administration costs.

We give recommendations on possible ways to change and/or enhance your Azure-based applications to achieve Azure services cost reduction.

We keep your Azure management expenses within reasonable limits due to the consolidated billing system we adhere to and affordable prices we offer.

Benefit #2. Increased reliability of Azure-based applications and services

We implement automatic failover of your Azure-based applications to secure your IT environment from data loss.

We establish constant application monitoring, with our own efforts, or in collaboration with your in-house IT team or your other vendors.

Benefit #3. Evolution of Azure-based applications with no damage to stability

To support fast evolution of Azure-running applications and keeping their reliability level high, we use our DevOps expertise and safely integrate Azure services into the CI/CD pipeline.

Our Approach to Azure Managed Services Delivery
Stage 1. Responsibility transition

Assessment of your infrastructure architecture, Azure configurations, incident history, etc.

Holding meetings with your business and technical stakeholders to gather details on the subscribed Azure services, their configuration, applications, etc.

Drawing up an SLA, specifying KPIs and SLOs.

Undertaking the responsibility for your Azure management tasks.

Stage 2. Service delivery

Azure managed services provision (as described above).

Regular assessment and reporting (weekly and/or monthly) on the results of our work to ensure your visibility over our Azure management activities.

Stage 3. Improvements delivery

Providing suggestions on possible improvements aimed at increasing your Azure-based applications reliability and performance.

Our Approach to Collaboration

Avoiding conflicts and finger-pointing, Qrapp is ready to closely cooperate with your in-house IT team or your other vendors to minimize your management efforts.

Below, you can see an example of an effective cooperation approach we adhere to when delivering our Azure managed services:

KPIs and SLOs to ensure visibility over the services we deliver

Qrapp prepares a KPI system covering all the important aspects of Azure management, designed specifically for a particular cooperation model you decide on.

A sample KPI system



Reliability (based on SLOs):

Changes (by business value and priority):

Hand Over Your Azure Management Tasks to Us

Looking for an experienced managed services provider ready to take care of your Azure environment to keep your applications and services highly available? You’ve come to the right place.

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