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ATM Security & Network Protection

ATM physical protection alone fails to provide an adequate security level.

Why Qrapp?
What We Offer

Qrapp's information security consultants are ready to address your ATM network security challenge with the approach customized to the security needs of your ATM network.

ATM network audit

We carry out an in-depth infrastructure analysis of your ATM network service to identify flaws in design leading to insufficient network security level. One of the most frequent pitfalls is the absence of adequate ATM network coverage by a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system.

Qrapp's security intelligence services include IBM® Security QRadar® SIEM system implementation and fine-tuning. Our IBM certified SIEM consultants are ready to design and deploy the solution, whose intelligence provides real-time visibility of the entire ATM network infrastructure.

Incident data collection and analysis

Qrapp's information security consultants cooperate with your security team to collect data about reported ATM security incidents. Armed with professional experience and best practices of ATM protection, our consultants analyze security incident history to improve security level of ATM network design.

Security assurance of ATM network design

We suggest how to improve the existing design of your ATM network to make it security breach resistant.

ATM protection checklist

Recommendations on ATM security improvement are supported by an ATM protection checklist – a document with essential configurations to be set on each ATM network server. The document suggests how to fine-tune your ATM network, so that QRadar SIEM system could collect logs from crucial log sources, which is the cornerstone of a well-timed threat detection.

We understand that successful banks extend their ATM network year by year, so our information security consultants enhanced an audit baseline with instructions on how to configure additional ATM endpoints to make them an integral part of the network.

QRadar custom correlation rule creation

Qrapp's SIEM consultants have created four QRadar correlation rule categories which address the existing and potential threats to your ATM network. Correlation rules allow monitoring of all the entries into the network, launching of unsolicited services, software integrity, antivirus feed and DMZ router logs and flows.

Correlation rule categories
Level Up Your ATM Security

Reach our information security consultants to learn more about your ATM security challenge and the ATM protection solutions we can provide.

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