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SIEM-Based APT Protection

An advanced persistent threat (APT) is a wrecking ball that can destroy small businesses and enterprises alike by causing huge data leaks, gaping financial holes and the tarnished corporate image. Working in Security Intelligence for 5 years, we at Qrapp offer to transform the battle with APTs into a well-thought strategy supported with IBM QRadar SIEM, an advanced security information and event management (SIEM) solution. A solid SIEM-based defense is what can help companies to resist APTs, detect their signs at early stages and prevent major damage to corporate data and reputation.

Putting SIEM at the Core of APT Protection Strategy

APTs are performed by highly-skilled professionals using the entire array of sophisticated techniques from spare phishing to refined, disguised, on-site espionage. Sophistication of APT attacks can only be addressed by experienced SIEM consultants who fine-tune a SIEM solution and build up a deeply personalized security environment.

By placing a SIEM solution at the front line in your battle against APTs, you gain the following advantages:

o make a SIEM system your ally in APT detection, we will assist you in configuring your current QRadar-based solution, as well as carry out migration of third-party SIEM systems to IBM QRadar SIEM to build up a vigorous anti-APT protection.

Recognizing APT Symptoms at Different Stages

Unlike one-time aggressive and open attacks, APTs represent a set of latent cyber actions allowing intruders to stay anchored within a network and exploit several vulnerabilities at once. At the same time, persistence of such threats implies that criminals leave a lot of traces in the course of their actions. Armed with a relevant SIEM solution, security administrators will have multiple touchpoints to detect intruders and stop them before their illegal activities lead to dramatic data and money losses.

By boosting IBM QRadar SIEM capabilities, our SIEM team aims at creating security traps to reveal signs of an APT regardless of its stage.

Spotting malware infections and spear phishing

To stop APT at its very first stage, our security experts will help you complement IBM QRadar SIEM’s out-of-the-box reconnaissance detection correlation rules with custom rules. Thus, to detect malware infections or massive spear phishing campaigns by pinpointing abnormal network traffic and activities implicating atypical email distribution, for example:

Additionally, our SIEM experts will analyze network flows and implement anomaly rules to detect video and screen capturing activities, thus identify attackers trying to latently control your organization and better understand your internal systems.

Scanning network activities

To maximize effectiveness of your APT protection, we prioritize fine-tuning a SIEM solution’s flow collectors (QFlow in IBM Security QRadar SIEM) to ensure constant monitoring of the network traffic and quality processing of sessions and flow information, in order to baseline network traffic and implement custom anomaly rules, as well as build up specific correlation rules to detect:

We will also assist you in deploying and configuring IBM QRadar Risk Manager to let your security administrators:

Stopping attackers’ lateral movement

To settle down within your network, attackers apply privilege escalation methods in order to get access to critical network points via illegitimately extended user permissions. To counteract them, we:

To increase user visibility throughout the network, we complement the native capabilities of IBM QRadar SIEM with QRadar Session Manager, Qrapp's proprietary tool that investigates security events by analyzing session information, even if no user name is available in an initial log message.

Stalling sensitive data exfiltration

If attackers managed to go as far as the data exfiltration stage, a SIEM solution armed with data-centric correlation rules will help you detect abnormal activities with sensitive data. We will also assist you in connecting your SIEM solution with specialized DLP systems for a more thorough analysis of data flows within your network and will build up baselines to reveal any small yet critical data extraction.

Aligning an Anti-APT Plan With Your Network's Specifics

Our 5-year SIEM consulting practice has proved that even a well-developed anti-APT plan will turn ineffective if not aligned with a company’s unique IT landscape. That’s why we combine our APT protection approach with the following important steps:

In-depth analysis of the current security state

Qrapp's SIEM consultants analyze the current network to reveal existing threats and a company’s security fitness. The analysis let us see if the network has already been affected with APTs’ symptoms and sort out the most numerous/dangerous types of attacks targeting the network. As an integral part of this step, we study security policies in place to smoothly integrate the future APT defense into the corporate IT environment.

Step-by-step planning of an APT protection strategy

Relying on these findings, we develop a personalized protection plan aiming to enhance the current security state and make a company resistant to both ongoing and potential APT attacks. The plan includes an overview of necessary changes to the existing IT infrastructure, a precise guidance into a QRadar fine-tuning to make it susceptible to APT signs, as well as clear recommendations on minimizing the impact of APTs on corporate assets.

Consistent configuration of a SIEM solution

We assist in deploying and configuring IBM QRadar SIEM as well as help to migrate any current solutions to the IBM Security Intelligence Platform. Furthermore, we ensure a full-cycle setting of the SIEM solution from connecting log sources to creating custom APT-focused correlation rules, thus helping to develop a well-thought APT security system.

Concurrent penetration testing and vulnerability assessment

To help our customers stay in the vanguard of cybersecurity, we provide penetration testing services to carry out a deeper investigation of a corporate network, detect existing vulnerabilities and security holes and patch them promptly, as well as assess a company’s resistance against various types of attacks and help security administrators to adopt relevant security approaches to protect their network.

Why Entrust Your APT Protection Strategy to Qrapp

With about 150 successful projects in information security, today Qrapp helps their customers to adopt security practices and create a steady persistent threat detection system to counteract a myriad of cyberattacks.

Our information security milestones include:

Advance Quicker than an Advanced Persistent Threat

Make your first steps towards a robust APT defense now. You can start with having a professional consultation from our SIEM experts who will answer your questions and draw up possible anti-APT scenarios specifically for your enterprise.

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